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March 2002

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PGI, AGTA Honor Innovative Design

Designers marry colored gemstones and platinum

Sixteen designers were recognized for innovation in the 2002 AGTA Spectrum™ Platinum Honors Awards competition. This division of the Spectrum Awards is sponsored by the American Gem Trade Association and Platinum Guild International.

This year, the categories were changed from price categories to fashion categories. Three or four winners were named in each of the following categories: Evening Wear, Business/Day Wear, Casual Wear, Bridal Wear and Men’s Wear.

Entries were considered for judging if they met the existing qualifications for the AGTA Spectrum Competition and if at least 75% of the metal was 90% or 95% pure platinum They were judged on beauty, originality and effective and innovative use of platinum. Winning entries were shown during the AGTA GemFair Feb. 6-11 in Tucson, AZ, and will be seen at various trade shows throughout the year.

Judges were Erica Van Pelt, a photographer in Los Angeles, CA; Randi Molofsky, fashion editor for National Jeweler, New York City; and Jerry Forrest of The Jewelry Forrest, Dallas, TX.

  • PGI, Newport Beach, CA; (714) 760-8279, fax (714) 760-8780.

All photos by John Parrish.

Evening Wear

Apichart Warrachart
Catskill, NY
(518) 943-3109

Platinum brooch/pendant features a 53-ct. Trozzo fancy-cut ametrine, 1 carat of rubies and 0.45 carat of EF/VVS diamonds.

Holly K. Croft, G.G.
Holly K. Croft Designs
Beverly Hills, CA
(310) 278-1695
Cutter: Arthur
Lee Anderson
Metalsmith: Mirjam Butz-Brown

Platinum earrings have 12.65 carats of pear-shaped aquamarines and 0.23 carat of diamonds.

Rick Basta
E. Eichberg Inc.
Beverly Hills, CA
(310) 271-4796

A 2.49-ct. Mexican fire opal centers this platinum pendant with 2.72 carats of pink sapphires, 0.74 carat of emeralds and 0.48 carat of diamonds.

William Richey
William Richey Designs
Portland, ME
(207) 772-5252
Rock Crystal Cutter:
Berndt Munsteiner

Platinum pendant features a 23.7-ct. rock crystal, 0.60 carat of VVS-GH diamonds and 7.5mm cultured pearls.

Bridal Wear

Yaroslav Shukel
Aurora Studio
Boston, MA
(617) 331-2507

Ring features a 2.18-ct. pentagon-shaped white diamond and 0.66 carat of round fancy yellow diamonds.

Mark Schneider
Schneider Design Studio
Long Beach, CA
(562) 437-0448

A 2.06-ct. pear-shaped tsavorite tops this platinum ring with 1.01 carats of diamond pavé winding down the shank.

Robert Pelliccia
J.R. Dunn Jewelers
Lighthouse Point, FL
(954) 782-5000

1.02-ct. purplish-pink diamond tops a ring with 0.78 carat of kite diamonds, 0.38 carat of round diamonds and 0.42 carat of smaller diamonds.

Taft Atkins
Justice Jewelers
Springfield, MO
(417) 881-0551

Women’s wedding band has tube-set pink sapphires in platinum; men’s band has tube-set yellow and blue sapphires in platinum and 18k yellow gold.

Casual Wear

Dana Richardson
Spectrum Gems Inc.
Salt Lake City, UT
(801) 581-9900
Metalsmith: Wayne Lenkeit

Ring features a 2.33-ct. tanzanite flanked by 0.72 carat of straight baguette diamonds.

Mirjam Butz-Brown
Mirjam Butz-Brown
San Diego, CA
(619) 238-1053

"Stargazer" platinum ring has a black Tahitian cultured pearl and 0.65 carat of diamonds.

Peter J. Lees
PJL Designs
Ithaca, NY
(607) 273-5102

"Blue Moon" earrings feature 3.98 carats of blue zircons set in platinum and suspended above a concave platinum dish.

Business/Day Wear

Walde Binder
Sonoma, CA
(707) 580-5991

Necklace has 4.30 carats of natural blue faceted sapphires and a handmade bayonet clasp.

Gary Dulac
Gary Dulac Goldsmith
Vero Beach, CA
(561) 234-3344H

Ring features a 6.70-ct. tourmaline in a platinum semibezel. The platinum shank has 0.40 carat of burnish-set diamonds and two 18k yellow gold guard rings.

Craig Underwood –
Underwood Design Team

Underwood’s Jewelers
Fayetteville, AR
(501) 521-2000

900 platinum enhancer features a 9.59-ct. tanzanite with 0.60 carat of diamonds and 22k yellow gold accents.

Men's Wear

Kay Knight
Custom Creative Design
Austin, TX
(512) 467-0011
Bob Carr, Jeweler

Men’s ring has a 1.01-ct. H-VS2 princess-cut diamond, onyx and diamond accents in platinum.

Mark Schneider
Schneider Design Studio
Long Beach, CA
(562) 437-0448
Tanzanite Cutter: Stephen Avery

Men’s ring has a 7.03-ct. tanzanite, 1.44 carats of yellow diamonds, 1.24 carats of white diamonds and 10 points of demantoids.

Cynthia Renée
Cynthia Renée Co.
Fallbrook, CA
(760) 728-5150
Cutter: David Clay Zava

Hand-fabricated reversible cuff links feature 4.61 carats of pink spinels and 4.64 carats of blue spinels. Links unscrew to set in cuffs.

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