Professional Jeweler Archive: Polygon Adds CAD/CAM Services

March 2002

Professional Bench/Online CAD/CAM

Polygon Adds CAD/CAM Services

Customize jewelry online with Digital Jeweler's design program and Digital Jeweler have teamed up to offer Polygon members Digital Jeweler’s online CAD/CAM jewelry design and manufacturing capabilities.

The free, user-friendly CAD/CAM technology allows you to complete a customized jewelry sale using online resources. Members can buy diamonds or other gems through Polygon’s network and use Digital Jeweler technology to place them in a design chosen from Digital Jeweler’s library of designs.

If a customer wants to customize the chosen design by adding differently sized or shaped gems, for example, you can use Digital Jeweler’s program to make the changes. No technical CAD or goldsmithing experience is necessary because Digital Jeweler’s designs are engineered by a goldsmith so wall thickness, prong length, prong placement and side-stone angles are properly configured. You also can let customers choose the metal and finger size.
Simple drop-down menus give you access without the complex training often required with other CAD systems.

You can show the completed model to customers through Digital Jeweler’s 3-D viewing system, including a model in the round that can be spun around on the screen. When a customer is satisfied with a design, you can save it for viewing at a later date.

When it’s time to order, the system features real-time pricing based on the model chosen, which is then seamlessly applied to your markup. The customer sees only the retail price. The electronic file of the ring is sent to Digital Jeweler, where it’s entered into a CAM machine and built into a castable model. The finished mounting is delivered in eight to 10 days.

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– by Peggy Jo Donahue

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