Professional Jeweler Archive: GemVision Offers New Design Software

March 2002

Professional Bench/Jewelry Design

GemVision Offers New Design Software

"Builders" help you create jewelry with ease

DG Matrix, a new software package from GemVision Corp., allows you to create virtual jewelry in true 3D space with the use of “Builders” or wizards along with supporting libraries.

The resulting 3D images then can be converted and sent to a milling machine or stereo-lithography system. The Builders that are part of the software are menus designed to create anything you want – you plug in the parameters for any item, whether you’re making a tapered channel or a bezel for a princess-cut diamond. The software does the rest. If you’d like to change the design, just change the parameter. For example, the 178 automated steps it took to build a channel-set row of 0.05-ct. diamonds can be changed to 0.04-ct. diamonds, and the channel is rebuilt in seconds.

DG Matrix also offers a Quick Reader feature that allows you to give the piece a high-polished look of jewelry while still allowing you to rotate and move the model around the screen.

  • GemVision Corp., Davenport, IA; (800) 357-6272.
DG Matrix allows you to build and alter a design in record time.

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