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March 2002

Professional Bench/The Path to Proficiency

Proficient Placement

Using a tack welder to place heads into position for torch soldering or laser welding onto a remount ring eliminates the need for cumbersome holding devices and increases proficiency

Steece Hermanson, using ABI’s Tack II Tack Welder, precisely places and tack-welds heads that will be torch-soldered or laser-welded into final position on a remount ring. The tack-welding process is quick and simple. Here’s how it works.

Hermanson modified this ring clamp by removing one of the leather protection pads and attaching a copper sheet with a soldered wire in its place. The ring clamp becomes one of two electrode leads required for the tack-welding process. It’s also a handy holding device.
Hermanson first prepares a position for the head on the ring. Using a ball burr, he creates a notch that matches the base portion of the head. He ensures there is potentially good metal-to-metal contact between the head and the ring.

With the tweezers electrode lead, Hermanson places the head into position using firm finger pressure and depresses the foot pedal of the tack welder. The head is now temporarily tack-welded into position and ready for torch soldering or laser welding. For either process, no other holding devices are necessary. If Hermanson determines the alignment is unsatisfactory, he can remove the head by using light finger pressure and repeat the process.

By Mark B. Mann, Director of Trade Programs, Jewelers of America

Featured procedures by JA® Certified Master Bench Jeweler Steece Hermanson,Galloway and Moseley, Sumter, SC

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