Professional Jeweler Archive: The Ears Have It

May 2002

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The Ears Have It

Gold earring design trends hold up a mirror to fashion

Clothing designers are in love with earrings and the warmth of yellow gold, making now a good sales season for gold earrings. This classic jewelry store product is also versatile and affordable in an economically cautious year.

What’s hot? The World Gold Council’s “OroOggi” newsletter, published in Milan, Italy, targeted the jewelry styles that will work best with apparel trends this year. Here’s what the newsletter predicts, using gold jewelry from Milan companies Faro and Songa:

Ethnic and Belle Epoque

Fashion’s fascination with lace, fringe, tassels and western wear means dangling earrings with these features will remain desirable. The look is driven also by yearning for the Belle Epoque, celebrated in the film Moulin Rouge.

Hoop Evolution

As clothing from the hippie era remains popular, so do hoop earrings. But women already have basic hoops, so designers are experimenting with overall shape, texture and detail. The most popular new shapes are rectangles and ovals. Round hoops feature zigzagging lines, scallops, offbeat edges, coarse surfaces, hammered facets and gold balls. Multiples remain popular too.


Op Art

Geometric modern art earrings are reminiscent of the 1960s and work well with that clothing style, which is popular again.

The Single Earring

It may never catch on with the traditional jewelry store customer, but the one-earring trend is brewing. When worn, this singleton is usually long and dramatic, often paired with a beret, a newsboy cap or an asymmetrical bob, says The New York Times, which recently cited the trend in its Sunday “Styles” section.

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