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May 2002

Professional Bench/Tool Tips

Handler's 62-II Super Sucker Workstation Dust Collector

Using a dust collector at your bench significantly improves your working environment

Bench work generates significant dust from abrasive wheels, polishing procedures and related tasks. It also creates fumes from soldering and annealing. The Handler 62-II Super Sucker workstation dust collector was designed to remove dust and fumes from your working environment.

The unit is built to be used continuously or sporadically through the day and is equipped with two filters enclosed in the compact 10-by-151/4-by-14-in. cabinet, one disposable bag filter for the collection of dust and a charcoal filter. It also has a variable speed control that helps draw varying volumes of generated waste. The unit is lightweight, easy to use, quiet-running and effective. JA® Certified Master Bench Jeweler™ Steece Hermanson of Galloway and Moseley, Sumter, SC, also uses the Super Sucker 62 II at his wax bench. Here are two examples of Hermanson’s use of the equipment.

The Handler 62-II Super Sucker workstation dust collector is $479 suggested retail. For more information about it, call Rick LaDuca of Handler at (800) 274-2635.

1. When he performs work requiring close-up viewing, Hermanson places the fishmouth inlet at bench-top level.
2. When performing light removal of metal using abrasive wheels, Hermanson places the fishmouth inlet in the bench’s lap tray.
3. When he’s not using the dust collector, he stores the fishmouth and suction hose next to his bench, making room for other types of bench work not requiring dust removal.
4. For bench-top use, he places the fishmouth inlet onto a wooden bench pin secured in a GRS bench pin holding device (A).
5. Next, he places the GRS bench pin holding device onto a GRS mounting plate to lock the fishmount inlet into position (B).
6. At right, Hermanson uses a miniature hard felt wheel to polish a groove on a platinum casting. The 62-II easily collects all dust generated and keeping it away from his face.

By Mark B. Mann, Director of Trade Programs, Jewelers of America

Featured application by JA® Certified Master Bench Jeweler Steece Hermanson of Galloway and Moseley, Sumter, SC

Photographs courtesy of Jewelers of America

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