Professional Jeweler Archive: Gold Virtuosi 2002 Recognizes Technical Prowess

November 2002

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Gold Virtuosi 2002 Recognizes Technical Prowess

World Gold Council singles out winners for mastery of traditional and technological skills along with unusual materials

Much has been published about the winners of the World Gold Council’s Gold Virtuosi 2002 International Jewelry Design Competition, in which 34 designers were recognized for creativity and craftsmanship in designing gold jewelry.

But overlooked have been the three winners WGC also singled out for technology awards.

The judges sought to recognize high-quality designs made by traditional hand skills, including anticlastic raising, chasing/embossing, engraving, spinning and use of process characteristics or “defects” to decorative effect – such as wrinkling during deep drawing.

Also considered were designs using machine-based technology, including laser-engraving or laser-welding, powder metallurgy and investment castings of unusual size or delicacy.

The criteria for judging included:

  • Jewelry made with innovative or relatively new technology demonstrating innovative design.
  • Jewelry made by conventional technology, but that extends the technology to its limits.
  • Jewelry made by conventional technology demonstrating innovative design through use of that technology’s attributes.

The three winners acknowledged here fit the judges’ criteria.

  • World Gold Council, New York City; (212) 317-3880, or
Hand-Embossed Necklace

Laura Grazioli
Vendorafa, Italy
U.S. Representative: ViewPoint
Showrooms, New York City
(800) 254-2739

Judges’ comment: “An intriguing set of interlinking large shapes that demonstrated excellent craft skills in executing them together with a good use of surface textures by a combination of hammered and polished finishes.”

Necklace and Ring with Laser-Engraved Hieroglyphics

Ranjith Gamage
L’Azurde Factory for Gold & Jewellery
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
(966) 265-100, (966) 265-1020

Judges’ comment: “Interesting shape where modern laser engraving technology demonstrates how a complex, detailed fine pattern can be applied to produce a startling design ... shows use of innovative new technology.”

Trendy Textured Set of Gold Jewelry

Ronel Steyn
AngloGold, South Africa
U.S. Representative: AngloGold
New York City; (212) 750-7999,

Judges’ comment: “From a manufacturing viewpoint ... more difficult to make than seems first apparent ... demonstrated an interesting use of texturing in contrast to polishing to produce an attractive design that showed gold’s warmth of color.

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