Professional Jeweler Archive: JVC's New Handbook

October 2002

Managing/Legal Issues

JVC's New Handbook

Ignorance of the law is no excuse, and now it's easy to remedy

The Jewelers Vigilance Committee, guardian of the industry’s ethics and integrity, is charged with knowing the laws and regulations that govern the sale of jewelry and related products. JVC now has translated all these laws and regulations into an easy-to-read Retailer’s Legal Handbook that removes any excuse for not understanding the obligations you – as a seller of jewelry – must fulfill.

The handbook is divided into four sections, with subcategories:

  • “Store Policies” covers quality-control programs, services such as appraisals and repairs, sales receipt guidelines, refund guidelines, disclosure requirements, guidelines for selling designer jewelry, guidelines for selling new and used jewelry, contracts and warranties, and the time limits for keeping unclaimed repairs.
  • “Conducting Business in Your Store” reviews appraisal practices, going-out-of-business sales, use of the designations “wholesale” and “retail,” price-comparison and discount-advertising claims, precious metals quality marks, rules for selling on the Internet and copyright issues.
  • “Employment Issues” details hiring and firing guidelines, equal employment obligations, sexual-harassment and disability laws, employee handbooks and benefits.
  • “Resources” advises you where to go for legal help and appraisal information and provides a store meeting planner to cover many of the issues raised in the Retailer’s Legal Handbook. A glossary of legal terms ends the book.
  • The handbook features boxes, quizzes to review information, question-and-answer sections and case studies to help you understand how issues apply to real-life situations in a jewelry store. Simple explanations get to the point.
  • The book is available for $9.95 to JVC members, $29.95 for non-members. These prices include shipping and handling.

• Jewelers Vigilance Committee, New York City; (212) 997-2002, fax (212) 997-9148,

– by Peggy Jo Donahue

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