Professional Jeweler Archive: Multi-Tasking Metals

October 2002

Precious Metals/New Products

Multi-Tasking Metals

Titanium and stainless steel are highly technical and very versatile

Once used almost exclusively in the aerospace and medical industries, titanium and stainless steel have found new life in the jewelry industry because they are beautiful, strong, lightweight, biocompatible and hypoallergenic. They have the look of platinum without the price and can be mixed and matched with other metals and in various finishes.

If your customers have a hard time thinking of stainless steel or titanium as jewelry metals, help them make the right selection of merchandise and manufacturer.

In the case of titanium, the World Titanium Council awards a seal of approval to products that are tested and deemed high-quality, says Larry DeBerry, executive vice president of Spectore Titanium, Deerfield Beach, FL. “By looking for this endorsement, titanium purchasers are prevented from making the mistake of selecting inferior goods in a product category that is relatively new to them,” he says.

Also be innovative in your displays. Use props from the worlds of aerospace, sporting goods and medicine to relate the metals to their more well-known uses.

– by Lorraine M. O’Donnell, A.J.P

Stainless steel and 18k gold rings are set with diamonds and colored gemstones. Suggested retail, $130+.

Werner Haring at Jewelfish Inc., Pittsburgh, PA; (412) 281-6612.

Cable bracelet is stainless steel and 14k gold. Suggested retail, $250.

Reller Inc., Gainesville, FL; (352) 372-2337, fax (352) 372-9629.

Stainless steel cross features 18k gold accents and hangs from a black cord.

Morellato, Padova, Italy. In the U.S., call Charmed, Manhattan Beach, CA; (866) 937-0462 or (310) 546-9224, fax (310) 546-9176,

Photo by Heidi Porat.

Titanium and 18k gold bands have a variety of finishes.

Coge, Dallas, TX; (972) 713-9927, fax (972) 713-9928.

A selection of stainless steel jewelry with gold and gemstone accents.

May B Studio, New York City; (212) 302-6558.

Titanium bands feature bezel-set diamonds in 18k gold with a tension-set center diamond.

Spectore Titanium, Deerfield Beach, FL; (954) 481-8422, fax (954) 421-2391.

Stainless steel bracelets are mixed with sterling silver and set with a selection of gemstones. Suggested retail, $70.

The Cargo Hold Inc., Charleston, SC; (843) 723-3341, fax (843) 722-1377.

Titanium and 14k rose gold bracelet features diamond accents.

2 Awesome International, Los Angeles, CA; (213) 688-0900, fax (213) 688-2880.

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