Professional Jeweler Archive: DTC Announces Fall Ad Campaign for Bigger Diamonds

September 2002


DTC Announces Fall Ad Campaign for Bigger Diamonds

Consumer ads, marketing material and selling techniques included

A new ad campaign this fall is designed to stimulate women’s desire for larger diamonds (half carat or more), courtesy of J. Walter Thompson on behalf of De Beers’ Diamond Trading Co. The ad agency’s research found 82% of respondents to a recent survey desire jewelry with a diamond of at least a half carat, but only a small percentage actually receive such stones.

As a result, the “Diamonds that Make a Statement” campaign will target mainstream/mass affluent married couples ages 25-54 with household incomes of $75,000+. It will feature products such as stud earrings, solitaire necklaces and rings for the right hand.

Print ads will debut in the September issues of consumer magazines. Part of the family of all-black DTC trademark ads, they will show two pieces of diamond jewelry. The one on the left contains a smaller diamond, the other shows the same design with a larger diamond. Catch phrases beneath the jewelry include the following (the first phrase appears under the smaller diamonds, the second phrase under the larger)

  • Turns heads ... Whiplash. (Featuring round solitaire earrings.)
  • Palpitations ... Somebody call the paramedics. (Featuring round solitaire necklaces.)
  • Thank you, Bob ... Thank you, Lord. (Featuring round solitaire earrings.)
  • Where’d you get that diamond? ... Where’d you get that man? (Featuring princess-cut solitaire necklaces).
  • Oh Michael, you shouldn’t have ... Oh Michael. (Featuring princess-cut rings.)

The campaign will be supported by targeted publicity activities by the Diamond Information Center and trade-aligned activity by the Diamond Promotion Service. As with all DTC communications campaigns, DPS has developed tools for the trade to create a sales and marketing program. These materials also will provide sales staff with selling techniques that address why customers should buy diamonds of a half-carat or more.

The new campaign will appear in addition to the successful “Three-Stone (Past, Present, Future) Diamond Jewelry” campaign.

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– by Peggy Jo Donahue

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