Professional Jeweler Archive: WDC Publishes Kimberley Guide

April 2003


WDC Publishes Kimberley Guide

Step-by-step checklists help users comply with plan

If you’re uncertain how the new Kimberley Process certification plan works, you can learn the details in “The Essential Guide to Implementing the Kimberley Process,” published by the World Diamond Council.

The publication outlines what steps the diamond and jewelry industry must take to ensure the Kimberly Process meets its goal of eliminating the flow of conflict diamonds. It was produced for WDC on behalf of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses and the International Diamond Manufacturers’ Association by J. Walter Thompson, ad agency for De Beers’ Diamond Trading Co.

It outlines the certification plan – adopted in November 2002 by governments of most of the world’s diamond mining, manufacturing, importing and exporting nations – and describes the diamond industry’s self-regulation through a voluntary system of warranties. Specifically, it contains step-by-step compliance checklists for companies throughout the diamond supply chain. You can download the guide from the WDC Web site, or get a printed copy from the New York Diamond Dealers Club, the Diamond Manufacturers and Importers Association of America, the Jewelers Vigilance Committee or Jewelers of America.

U.N., WTO Support Kimberley

A United Nations Security Council resolution adopted Jan. 28 expresses support for the Kimberley Process certification plan and industry self-regulation as “valuable contributions against trafficking in conflict diamonds.”

On Feb. 26, the World Trade Organization said its Kimberley participant members are allowed to reject for import rough diamonds from non-Kimberley countries. This is a waiver of a strict WTO rule that usually requires equal trade among all its members.

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