Professional Jeweler Archive: Fresh Flowers

April 2003

Gemstones/New Products

Fresh Flowers

Colored gemstones create wearable art

Ahhh, the language of flowers.

A single daisy represents innocence and purity. A lilac means youth, a lily pride, a rose love. You can help your customers send these messages with jeweled versions that last long after the petals of a real flower droop.

“Jewelry designers are fortunate to be able to interpret each flower in their own ways,” says Daniela Swaebe of Daniela Swaebe Inc., Miami, FL. “Using a yellow sapphire, green peridot or pink tourmaline to accurately represent the color of a flower allows designers to become artists.” It also allows your customers to pick flowers that are right for any person on any occasion.

In your display, use some grass or plant blades to set a natural scene; just be careful nothing overpowers the jewelry.

– by Lorraine M. O’Donnell, A.J.P.

18k white gold tulip rings have pink sapphire or diamond centers and 0.40 carat of diamond accents. Suggested retail, $4,400.

Piaget, New York City; (800) 359-4538, fax (212) 909-4332.

18k gold and platinum brooch features 18.54 carats of marquise sapphires, 2.11 carats of white diamonds and 0.77 carat of gold orange diamonds. Suggested retail, $42,000.

Oscar Heyman & Bros., New York City; (212) 593-0400, fax (212) 759-8612.

From the Garden of Roses collection, this 18k white gold ring features rubies and pink sapphires and, in the shank, engraved roses. Suggested retail, $5,470.

Carrera y Carrera/Evins Communications, New York City; (212) 274-9775.

Australian cultured pearl basket pins feature emeralds, rubies, yellow sapphires, round and baguette diamonds, mother of pearl and onyx. Suggested retail, $38,000 and $48,000.

Ellagem, New York City; (212) 398-0101.

18k gold rings are each set with 0.32 carat of diamonds and 4.5 carats of peridot, amethyst, citrine or sapphire. Suggested retail, $2,500-$4,000.

Daniela Swaebe Inc., Miami, FL; (305) 358-2970, fax (305) 358-8346.

18k gold, diamond and pearl earrings and ring feature vibrant coral.

Cathy Carmendy, Santa Monica, CA; (310) 396-3120, fax (310) 399-5902.

20k gold ring is topped by a 27.09-ct. carved peridot and has 0.15 carat of diamond accents.

Zurik Collection, Rockwall, TX; (972) 772-6928 or (214) 505-4139.

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