Professional Jeweler Archive: Didja Hear the One About the Hispanic, Gay and Jewish Customers?

April 2003


Didja Hear the One About the Hispanic, Gay and Jewish Customers?

Court niche groups with witty or touching ads

Everyone can use new jewelry customers – you simply wonder where to find them. You only think you’ve looked in every nook and cranny of your market. There probably are a few niches left. Have you considered different ethnic groups or tight-knit religious communities? The military? Couples getting married for the second time? The gay community? These consumers buy jewelry. The challenge is getting them to buy that jewelry from you.

To get started, investigate the media in your area. You’ll probably find a variety of publications written specifically for niche groups. If your market has a strong ethnic community, it probably supports its own newspaper. Check out your local Jewish News. Call Parents Without Partners or other singles groups to ask about advertising in their newsletters. Contact any nearby military base and ask if it has a newspaper. Many alternative lifestyle groups have magazines and newspapers devoted to them.

Gather information from these publications about their readers. If the demographic is right, take the plunge. You’ll discover many of these publications offer affordable ad rates and circulation that reach beyond your usual boundaries.

Don’t forget radio and television. Is there a Polish music program on the air? A Hispanic network on cable TV? Does the local Air Force base or college operate a radio station? These could be great places to advertise.

The Right Words

“OK,” you think. “What do I say in these ads?” You don’t have to say anything special. Niche groups are looking for the same things all consumers want: value, quality, service and that illusive intangible “wow.”

If you already have strong print or broadcast ads, they’ll do the job. But if you want to make a real statement, speak to them as a group, not as part of a generic whole. Let them know they are welcome because of who they are. Convince them you cater to customers who are discriminating and who have unique desires.

It may mean translating your ad into the language of the niche group. Or like the ad shown at near left, you might stick your neck out and be direct about gay marriages. It could mean addressing the worries of those in the armed services about to be sent overseas or a lighthearted look at dealing with “Jewish mothers.” In every case, it will require searching to determine what these groups really want, need and like.

The key is to stay “real.” Never talk down and never overplay stereotypes, except in gentle, fun-loving ways.

Put yourself in the place of the reader/listener and ask yourself, “Would this ad make me uncomfortable or angry?” If in doubt, ask someone from the targeted group for an opinion. Remember, though, these types of ads are not conservative. They walk the line between political correctness and “Ohmyheavens, did they really say that?” These ads take risks. They are fun, heartwarming, even daring. Even more important, they get noticed. And in the advertising game, that’s more than half the battle.

– by Denise Meyer

Denise Meyer is creative director of Fruchtman Marketing, a full-service agency in Toledo, OH, representing independent jewelers across the U.S. Contact Ellen Fruchtman, (419) 539-2770,,

This Harold Jaffe Jewelers ad ran in a Jewish newspaper.
An ad for gay and lesbian couples.
This ran in an Hispanic newspaper.
This ad, prepared for Sites Jewelers, reaches out to soldiers preparing to ship out.

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