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April 2003

Precious Metals/New Products

Sterling Style

From diminutive to bold, silver continues to charm

If anything’s a sure bet in this uncertain economy, it’s sterling silver.

Silver’s price is far below that of gold or platinum, and more designers than ever are putting their spins on this affordable metal, so it’s time for you to cash in. From delicate looks to bigger, bolder pieces, sterling silver persists in the high-fashion market.

And your sterling customers aren’t just female. More men are looking for sterling cuff links and rugged link bracelets.

– by Lorraine M. O’Donnell, A.J.P.

From the Torcellato collection, sterling silver bracelets with colorful combinations of enamel and 18k gold. Suggested retail, $575-$875.

Alisa, Manalapan, NJ; (888) 253-6600, fax (732) 723-1812.

Sterling silver ring is set with a 12mm-by-12mm cushion-cut turquoise cabochon. Keystone, $250.

Mazza/Bartholomew Ltd., New York City; (212) 935-4530, fax (212) 355-7801.

Photo by Don Taylor.

Made in Italy, these sterling silver bangles and rings are accented with 18k gold and gemstones such as blue topaz, amethyst and peridot. Suggested retail, $198 for the bangles, $168 for the rings.

The Cargo Hold Inc., Charleston, SC; (800) 845-6964.

Sterling silver earrings are $63-$105 retail.

The Touch, Waltham, MA; (800) 556-0041 or (781) 894-8133, fax (781) 894-7821,

Sterling brooch features 18k gold accents, an oval moonstone and an industrial diamond.

Janis Kerman Design, Westmount, Quebec, Canada; (514) 931-3852.

Sterling silver rings are $26 each suggested retail.

Boma, Renton, WA; (800) 892-9210, fax (425) 226-2334.

Sterling silver tag bracelets are $90 each suggested retail.

Leonore Doskow Inc., Montrose, NY; (914) 737-1335, fax (914) 737-5049.

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