Professional Jeweler Archive: All's Kwiat on the Western Front

August 2003


All's Kwiat on the Western Front

The New York diamond company presents fall branding plan

Kwiat, a major diamond company in New York City, is expanding its marketing program to make it more attractive to retailers and consumers. Among the initiatives:

Aligning with Right-Hand Rings

Kwiat made a full commitment to De Beers’ Diamond Trading Co.’s new right-hand ring campaign, developing over 20 styles, two of which made the cut in DTC’s fall ad campaign. Kwiat designer Robin Garin and her team took full advantage of the guidance offered by DTC’s Diamond Promotion Service, says Bill Gould of Kwiat. Adds principal Sheldon Kwiat, “Marketing is definitely a team sport,” referring to the company’s alignment with DTC and other consultants.

Celebrity Placements

Kwiat worked vigorously with Brand Building Public Relations to place its jewelry on celebrities and in popular consumer magazines. For example, Kwiat is in a September 2003 In Style article on earrings worn by celebrities and on TV shows such as “The Late Show with David Letterman,” “Today,” “Oprah” and “The View.” Kwiat also had a suite during Oscar week and developed relationships with stylists who dress the stars for award events. One of Kwiat’s biggest coups was getting Oscar winner Halle Berry to wear pieces from its Star collection when she attended the premier of “Die Another Day,” the James Bond movie in which she recently appeared.

Kwiat retailer Steve Tapper of Tapper’s, West Bloomfield, MI, says the effects of celebrity placements are indirect but powerful. “It is about a woman seeing another woman, seeing what makes her feel good and special and having that connection.” Tapper says posting portraits of famous celebrities wearing Kwiat jewelry in his store is very effective.

Redefining the Brand Image

Consultant Mike Toth, president of Toth Brand Imaging, worked with Kwiat to solidify its brand in the public eye. The company developed new collections with tiered pricing to widen its audience. It also has a new catalog that’s more focused and cleaner in design and layout, and a new consumer website with a retail partner locator to drive customers to stores. “By 2007, we will be among the most visible diamond brands,” vows Kwiat principal Lowell Kwiat.

The fall ad campaign in fashion and luxury lifestyle magazines features shots by photographer Patrick Demarchelier capturing model Chandra North in more familiar and relaxed poses than the formal events photos that characterized Kwiat’s previous campaign. North has tousled hair and sports turtlenecks and big sweaters while wearing some of Kwiat’s funkier, more modern pieces. She’s intended to appeal to women aged 35-55 who are Kwiat’s target audience.

Retail Partnerships

Kwiat is working also with consultant Bruce Freshley, president of Clarity Media Services and a jeweler himself, to develop a radio ad program to ensure the Kwiat brand doesn’t overwhelm jewelers’ store names. For Kwiat’s retailers, who sell various amounts ranging from $50,000 to $100,000 and up in merchandise, the Tiara Partnership program enables them to have customized radio spots, with content developed and paid for by Kwiat. The radio spots use jewelers’ own voices, says Freshley, whose company will work also with individual jewelers to negotiate local media buys.

Kwiat will cover a third of the radio ad costs, with jewelers picking up the rest. Every dollar jewelers spend will be matched by Kwiat memo inventory to help them broaden their selection of merchandise. Freshley’s team also will visit every Tiara Partnership participant’s store to conduct sales training and motivation programs.

• Kwiat, New York City; (800) 927-4367 or (212) 223-1111,

– by Peggy Jo Donahue and Robert Weldon, G.G.

A photo from Kwiat’s new fall ad campaign features a model with more casual clothes and pose and funkier jewelry.
At the premiere for “Die Another Day,” the latest James Bond movie, star Halle Berry wears Kwiat Star collection pendant and earrings.

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