Professional Jeweler Archive: Lady in Red

August 2003


Lady in Red

Swatch equals fashion, she seems to say

This chrome lady draped in red elicited numerous double-takes at the Swatch “Timeship” on 57th Street in Manhattan during New York’s Fashion Week. The mannequin wore a Swatch Bijoux necklace and bracelets and a Swatch watch.

“For Fashion Week we always create an appropriate show window,” says Peter G. Valcarcel, visual merchandising manager for Swatch. “We try to demonstrate that Swatch is not just a watch but also a fashion accessory, especially now that the Bijoux jewelry collection is in all the stores.”

While Valcarcel has used mannequins in the past, this year Mondo Mannequins offered this chrome model called En Vogue. While he’s not sure whether sales took a jump that week, he says all the attention was good for the brand. “We’ll probably use the same mannequin in a few other New York-area Swatch stores,” he says. The brand recently opened a large outlet in Times Square.

  • Mondo Mannequins, Hicksville, NY; (866) 645-7032,

– by Michael Thompson

This chrome mannequin in the window of Swatch’s high-traffic 57th Street location during Fashion Week in Manhattan sends a clear message to passers-by that Swatch sells fashion-forward jewelry.

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