Professional Jeweler Archive: Diamonds Quick Quiz

December 2003


Diamonds Quick Quiz

Test your knowledge of diamond news, from international events to promotions to new synthetics. All information was culled from the pages of Professional Jeweler

1. The Kimberley Process refers to:
  1. A well-known brand of synthetic gemstones.
  2. A coalition of governments with the goal to reduce or eliminate conflict diamonds.
  3. A diamond treatment using HPHT technology that “whitens” certain types of diamond.
  4. U.S. Rep. Tony Hall’s (D-OH) secret Yiddische apfelküchen recipe.

2. De Beers’ Diamond Trading Co. initiated this promotion in 2003:

  1. Right-hand rings.
  2. Three-stone earrings for men.
  3. Providing customers with DiamondView and DiamondSure machines.
  4. “First the Tattoo, Now a Diamond For You” campaign aimed at younger women.

3. De Beers revolutionized the way diamonds are distributed by:

  1. Quietly adding free bonuses and candy in the Christmas “boxes” its clients receive.
  2. Adding 200 more clients to its roster of diamantaires.
  3. Introducing a new strategy called “Supplier of Choice.”
  4. Asking clients to share in the creativity and cost of marketing diamonds.

4. Recently made CVD synthetic diamonds can be identified by using:

  1. Cathodoluminescence and fluorescence techniques.
  2. Weapons of mass destruction.
  3. Simple magnification.
  4. SSEF’s diamond type spotter.

5. LifeGem is a company dedicated to:

  1. Pulverizing diamonds to be used in health-related diet drinks.
  2. Using human “cremains” to fabricate lab-grown diamonds.
  3. Placing a diamond on the surface of the moon.
  4. Making sure survivors of grisly car accidents are properly buried with their diamonds.

6. In the past, the U.S. Justice Department has barred De Beers from selling diamonds directly in this country. That may change because:

  1. De Beers has “paid dues” to the proper U.S. immigration officials.
  2. Right-hand rings are in such fierce demand.
  3. President George Bush and Nicky Oppenheimer are croquet buddies.
  4. De Beers, increasingly, is not perceived as a monopoly.

7. This many countries became members of the Kimberley Process when the list was finalized over the summer:

  1. 5
  2. 64
  3. 53
  4. 23

8. Alan Bronstein, diamantaire and connoisseur of fancy-colored diamonds, put together these two notable colored diamond collections:

  1. Seahorse and Dolphin.
  2. Aurora and Butterfly.
  3. Walrus and Carpenter.
  4. Borealis and Cumulus.

9. A Retro-style cut for diamonds includes a derivation of this venerable cut:

  1. Asscher cut.
  2. Hail Brittania cut.
  3. Princess of Monaco cut.
  4. Just Made the Cut cut.

10. CVD stands for:

  1. A. Cute but Vapid Darlings.
  2. B. Colorful Violet Diamonds.
  3. C. Chemical Vapor Deposition.
  4. D. Corrupt and Violent Domain.


1-B (January, p. 21)
2-A (July, p. 17)
3-C & D (March, p. 17)
4-A (October, p. 24),
5-B (January, p. 23)
6-D (October, p. 19)
7-C (October, p. 20)
8-B (January, p. 22),
9-A (March, p. 19)
10-C (October, p. 24)

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