Professional Jeweler Archive: Hearts on Fire Creates Diamond Noise

February 2003


Hearts on Fire Creates Diamond Noise

A new campaign uses humor and enthusiasm to reach first- and second-time diamond buyers

Hearts on Fire diamonds launched a $30 million, 27-month advertising campaign that adds significantly to the increased promotion of the diamond category. The ad campaign comes as De Beers’ Diamond Trading Co. is asking clients worldwide to promote diamonds more heavily.

HOF’s brand advertising initiative, called the “Wow” campaign, combines the financial resources of the Boston, MA, diamond manufacturer and its partners and retailers in 45 markets across the country. HOF makes and markets what it calls “the world’s most perfectly cut diamonds” through a network of more than 400 retailers worldwide.

The Wow campaign is based on what the company says is the reaction people have when viewing HOF diamonds, either through a special Proportion Scope or from across the room. The campaign is designed to reach two audiences: the first-time buyer who may be interested in an engagement ring and the second time buyer who may be celebrating a special event or renewing his or her love. HOF calls the second-time buyers “same girl, second diamond” buyers.

The campaign uses an integrated media program including television, radio and outdoor advertising. TV ads run with Wow retail partners on network affiliate stations, with 40% of the spots in prime time. The goal in the 45 markets is to reach 96% of the target audiences with a 16-time frequency. In addition, retailers receive materials for print advertising, direct mail and point-of-sale displays.

Two 30-second TV commercials will reach the two HOF demographic segments. “Cake Topper” is aimed at the younger engagement-ring audience. The ad features a wedding-cake ornament bride who comes to life briefly to say “Wow!” when she notices the real bride’s Hearts on Fire diamond ring. The second commercial, “Mom/Wow,” targets more established couples. Billboards, radio, print and point-of-sale material reflect the theme of the commercials.

Hearts on Fire’s Wow campaign uses TV, radio and print ads to reach 96% of the target audience.

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