Professional Jeweler Archive: Pillow Talk

February 2003


Pillow Talk

Tiana™, a new branded diamond cut, combines brilliance and softness

Diamond market veteran Fred Knobloch of Aron Knobloch Inc., New York City, extols the brilliance of radiant-cut diamonds. “What they lack, however, is softness,” he says. But Knobloch is out to change that perception. His new branded cut Tiana™ has been developed to underscore the virtues of a princess cut, while giving it a softer, prettier outline. The diamond features a cushion-shaped outline – basically a square princess-style cut with rounded edges. It contains no sharp, vulnerable corners.

Knobloch has a copyright and trademark on Tiana. “The word means ‘princess,’” says Knobloch. The cut and the name were developed after extensive market testing. Research indicated Tiana is appreciated for its elegance, brilliance, pillow-like softness and good price, says Knobloch.

The diamantaire says the diamonds are 10%-15% below the average price of comparable round cuts, mostly because of the yields attained in cutting the rough. Knobloch says Tiana diamonds are fashioned to his standards in Israel.

The diamonds do require special mountings, mostly because of the rounded edges. The company that markets the Tiana cut, Brightstar Diamond Co., is creating a series of mountings to best exhibit and harness the effects of the diamonds. Retailers can buy the gems mounted or unmounted.

Tiana will be sold through an exclusive network of retailers around the country.

• Aron Knobloch, New York City; (212) 719-4020.

– by Robert Weldon, G.G.

The new Tiana™ cut has rounded edges while exhibiting an appealing brilliance. The 1.13-ct. diamond is courtesy of Aron Knobloch.

Photo by Robert Weldon.

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