Professional Jeweler Archive: When Two Hearts Meet

February 2003


When Two Hearts Meet

Barocut™ diamond shows two hearts inside each gem

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Baroka Creations offers various jewelry styles featuring its Barocut,™ a rectangular modified brilliant cut that shows two hearts touching.

The Barocut diamond is available loose or set in jewelry designed by Baroka. The jewelry collection features invisible settings, combinations of settings and fancy color diamonds. Baroka also stocks loose diamonds, saying it offers competitive prices because it cuts its own stones.

• Baroka Creations, New York City; (877) 4-BAROKA or (212) 768-0527,

A selection of Baroka’s diamond jewelry, in 18k or platinum, featuring the Barocut.™ Keystone prices range from $4,800 to $16,500.

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