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February 2003

Precious Metals/New Products

New Meaning

Charm and lockets are expressions of individuality

Jewelry has always represented a way for women to express themselves. Charms and lockets, for example, allow a thoughtful representation of the wearer – or the giver. “Lockets are a great way to keep someone special close to your heart,” says Jonathan Schmidt, COO of Boma, Renton, WA. They bespeak a more romantic era. “In particular, styles with oxidation or other surface detailing outsell plain high-polish styles, probably due to the vintage feel of the pieces,” says Schmidt.

– by Lorraine M. O’Donnell, A.J.P.

Sterling silver charms are crafted in various motifs.

Lisa Jenks/ViewPoint Showrooms, New York City; (212) 696-1881, fax (212) 213-5494.

14k gold pendant can feature your favorite photo.

Photo Scribe, New York City; (212) 819-1177, fax (212) 819-1717.

18k green gold lockets feature diamond accents.

SeidenGang, Rye, NY; (800) 227-4890, fax (914) 925-0708,

Lighthearted silver charms are tarnish-resistant. Suggested retail, from $10.

Silber’s Inc., Houston, TX; (800) 745-2377, fax (888) 745-2377.

Sterling silver lockets are each $32 suggested retail.

Boma, Renton, WA; (800) 892-9210, fax (425) 226-2334.

14k gold lockets are $199-$379 suggested retail.

Carla Corp., East Providence, RI; (800) 556-7092, fax (401) 438-0455.

14k lockets are $61-$345 suggested retail.

Quality Gold Inc., Fairfield, OH; (800) 354-9833 or (513) 942-7659, fax (800) 686-7184 or (513) 682-1100,,

14k gold charm.

Robin Rotenier/View Point Showrooms, New York City; (212) 696-1881, fax (212) 213-5494.

Customers can create messages in 18k gold or sterling silver with charm letters. Suggested retail, $500-$1,100 for 18k gold, $145-$275 for sterling silver.

Pedro Boregaard, New York City; (212) 826-3660, fax (212) 826-3722,,

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