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January 2003

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AWI Offers Clock Repair Home Study

Plus two 10-week courses on-campus

The American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute begins a new Home Study Course in Clock Repair.

The course is based on the original correspondence course written and administered by Laurie Penman, AWI’s resident clock instructor. Penman was trained in Britain as a mechanical engineer and is a clockmaker and restorer with several decades of experience. Penman also has written horological books and articles.

The course consists of 16 bench lessons. At the completion of each project, the student receives comments and suggestions from Penman and a pass-or-fail grade. To receive a certificate, students are required to pass each section. Penman is available to answer questions or offer suggestions to each student.

Included with the course material are The Clock Repairer’s Handbook, by Penman, and a year’s subscription to the Clockmaker’s Newsletter, a monthly publication by Steven G. Conover. Paid home-study course students are invited to attend one of two two-day meetings at AWI in Harrison, OH, where they will be able to confer with Penman and meet other students. The course cost for AWI members is $750; non-members pay $825.

Watchmaking & Clockmaking

For 10 consecutive Wednesdays beginning Jan. 8 and again beginning April 30 AWI will offer two classes, Clock Repair and Watch Repair, at its facility in Harrison, OH. The classes run simultaneously from 6-9 p.m. These are basic instruction courses for beginners and intermediate students.

Classes are for AWI members ($72 yearly membership) and cost $350. Some tools material costs are extra.

For additional information on the home-study course or the evening classes, contact AWI’s Education Coordinator, Nancy Wellmann, (866) 367-2924, ext. 303; (513) 367-9800;

– by Michael Thompson

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