Professional Jeweler Archive: DTC Launches Right-Hand Ring Campaign

July 2003


DTC Launches Right-Hand Ring Campaign

Retailers learn the details at summer shows

The official launch for retailers of the Diamond Trading Co.’s new right-hand ring campaign, which occurred at summer trade shows, offered details of the program and ways to profit from it.

DTC’s Diamond Promotion Service describes right-hand rings as substantially different from diamond engagement rings, three-stone rings and diamond anniversary bands. The designs should be oriented in a north-south direction and use a lot of open, or negative, space, says DPS. The rings can contain a mix of round or fancy shapes and should include at least one diamond of 20 points or more.

DTC will promote right-hand rings in four styles:

  • Modern vintage.
  • Contemporary.
  • Floral.
  • Romantic.

To help manufacturers envision these styles, DPS took the unusual step of creating generic examples of the four styles that met its other criteria for the right-hand ring. DPS gave manufacturers different configurations for inspiration. The styles were created after consultation with merchandising and design experts and can be adapted to different prices.

Six of the generic DPS styles will appear in the fall consumer ad campaign for the new category, along with 10 other designs created by seven designers and manufacturers: Universal Pacific, Beaudry, Kwiat, Michael Werdiger, Leddel International, Carelle for Philippe Diamond and DesignWorks. The commercial designs were chosen from among 300 submitted, says Sheryl Silberg, director of market initiatives for DPS, who adds that manufacturers’ response to right-hand rings has been enthusiastic.

The Target Market

Research conducted for DTC shows women like diamond fashion rings and already buy a substantial number of them – it’s already a $5 billion category, says Brandee Dallow, manager at the Diamond Information Center. “The desire is there – we just want to breathe more life into it,” she says. The profile of a consumer who might buy such rings is a woman who has likely been married at some point, received diamond jewelry before and needs only her own permission to treat herself. She’s proud of her accomplishments and is evolved, savvy and affluent. Unlike the female targets in other DTC campaigns, who are typically 25-54, DTC aims for women 35-64 in the new campaign. DTC anticipates some women will ask for right-hand rings from significant others, while some will make the purchase themselves.

Ad Campaign

The ad campaign is directed at women, encouraging them to desire the rings because of their broad range of designs and the statement they make about themselves. The ads feature four rings, each depicting one of the four styles (modern vintage, contemporary, floral and romantic) and a photo of a fashionable woman who epitomizes the target audience. The tagline in each ad is: “Women of the World, Raise Your Right Hand.” Ad copy encourages women to think of rings for their right hands as expressions of personal style for the independent, worldly, assertive sides of their personalities, as distinct from their family commitments. One excerpt: “Your left hand loves candlelight. Your right hand loves the spotlight.” The ads will appear starting in September in single pages and spreads in a broad mix of lifestyle and fashion magazines.

DPS Support

DPS will provide retailers with a wide range of support material, including a CD ROM of artwork, counter cards, in-case signs and ad material. It’s also working with display and packaging companies to develop tailored right-hand ring products to help jewelers reinforce the idea. DPS wants jewelers to make right-hand ring displays easy to find, while also training sales associates to cater to women looking for these rings. Retailers will be encouraged to make an in-store diamond experience for women that’s created especially to satisfy their needs.

– by Peggy Jo Donahue

Photos courtesy of the Diamond Information Center

This DPS generic design shows manufacturers an example of the contemporary style of right-hand rings.
This modern vintage ring is part of the DPS generic collection of right-hand rings.
Another DPS generic design in its right-hand ring campaign depicts the romantic style.
Caressa by Design Works® offers this spiral ring as part of its right-hand ring collection. The copyright ring is considered in the romantic style.

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