Professional Jeweler Archive: Design Your Own Ring Feature Expands

June 2003


Design Your Own Ring Feature Expands

The Design Your Own Ring feature in the Design Gallery at will get some improvements June 1. The site – operated by De Beers’ Diamond Trading Co.’s ad agency, J. Walter Thompson, and its Diamond Information Center – will add a feature allowing users to design three-stone rings along with the already-working engagement ring design program.

Design Your Own Ring will have a “sliding scale” – the diamonds will visibly reflect change as carat size choice is changed. Users will see their ring designs with diamonds ranging from 0.50 to 3.0 carats. “Our most recent research indicates 82% of all women desire larger diamonds, but only a few have that desire fulfilled,” says Anne Valentzas, management director overseeing “We hope that in giving women a tool to visualize the added beauty of a larger stone, they’ll feel more comfortable in expressing their desire for a larger diamond.”

Design Your Own Ring also will allow visitors to customize the size of their side stones and link to a selection of similar predesigned rings in the Design Gallery.

Nine new diamond jewelry manufacturers joined the Design Gallery in May – Atomic Creations, Bergio, Coast Diamond, Connoisseur International, Design Works, Diatraco, Nili Jewelry, Radiant Cut Diamond Corp. and Ritani Bridal. Returning manufacturers include Daniel K, Gabrielle Diamonds, Kwiat Inc., Lazare Diamonds, SA Gems, Stardust Diamonds, Waldman Diamonds Complete and Michael Werdiger/Eloquence.

DTC research shows 54% of visitors to the Design Gallery spent $1,000 or more for their diamond jewelry, while only 27% of those who hadn’t visited paid $1,000 or more. Research also shows more Design Gallery visitors acquired diamond jewelry vs. non-visitors in the six-month period studied.

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