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June 2003

Managing/Legal Issues

Get Up to Speed on Legal Issues

New Jewelers Vigilance Committee seminar explains how new regulations affect you

As soon as the USA Patriot Act and the Kimberley Process throw a barrel-full of new legal regulations into your jewelry store, the Jewelers Vigilance Committee comes by to sweep them into a pile, stack them in an organized fashion and explain what they mean to you.

The Patriot Act (which requires businesses to implement anti-money-laundering programs) and the Kimberley Process (new regulations governing rough diamond export and entry) are among numerous legal issues explained in “Retail Law and Successful Selling Practices,” a new seminar offered by the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, New York City.

“Explanation of these new regulations will help buyers and sales professionals respond confidently to inquiries about news reports relating to jewelry and terrorism,” says Cecilia L. Gardner, executive director and general counsel of JVC.
Other topics in the customized management training program include compliance with FTC guides, disclosure, buyer’s remorse, employee practices and conduct in the workplace, and legal terms.

The seminar comprises a PowerPoint presentation, handouts and follow-up. Presentation time is two to three hours, depending on a retailer’s requirements. JVC’s Retailer’s Legal Handbook and fact cards are available to support managers and sales associates.

The new seminar was developed to help retailers clarify complex jewelry guidelines and laws and improve selling skills, says Gardner. “JVC has long been at the forefront of educating and training fine jewelry retail professionals to buy and sell fine jewelry compliantly,” she adds.

How helpful is the seminar? “[It] was extremely well-received; it totally engaged my managers,” says Sue Ann Newberg, vice president and divisional merchandise manager of fine and fashion jewelry and watches at Saks. “I felt it was critical that all my department managers really understand the legal technicalities of our industry and their jobs. The feedback we received after a week of meetings was that this particular seminar was the most educational and beneficial.”

The Jewelers Vigilance Committee is a not-for-profit trade association whose mission is to maintain the jewelry industry’s highest ethical standards. JVC offers precious metals testing, compliance monitoring and dispute arbitration, among other services.

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