Professional Jeweler Archive: Installing Earring Posts Using Laser Technology

June 2003

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Installing Earring Posts Using Laser Technology

Knowing how to laser-weld earring posts demonstrates another aspect of quality in your shop

A customer brought 14k gold dangle earrings with sapphires and diamonds to Gold ’N Carats Custom Jewelers to be converted into earrings with posts. Jim Rogers, a JA® certified master bench jeweler has opted to use laser-welding techniques to install the new posts, requiring less finish work and overall time.

Laser Welding Posts Onto Earrings

1. Rogers selects 14k yellow gold earring posts with a wide platform base. The wide base provides additional metal that will enhance the security of the weld joint.

2. He sets his laser-welder to 220 volts at 2.25 milliseconds with a focus beam of 7, then covers the joint with Magic Flame® and allows it to air dry. This eliminates surface discoloration through the laser-welding process. He initially hits it with a pulse of energy and then inspects the overall alignment.
3. Once satisfied with the alignment, he finishes by directing several pulses of energy around the wide base to securely weld the joint. When finished, only minor traces of the welding process remain, so it will require little finish work.
4. Rogers uses diagonal cutters to remove the small jump ring.
5. For the prefinishing process, Rogers uses select synthetic rubber polishers.

Procedure Summary

The conversion from a dangle to a post style for the earrings took 4 minutes from start to finish. There was neither metal discoloration nor potential harm to the gemstones from excess heat.

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By Mark B. Mann
Technical contributions by Jim Rogers, Gold ’N Carats Custom Jewelers, Irving, TX

Illustrations by Lainie Mann
©2003 Visual Communications

Installing Earring Posts Using Laser Technology

A. The installation process left no visible seams at the joint between the post and the earring.

B. The posts are straight and centrally located.

C. There are no traces of the jump rings.

D. No tool marks are visible.

E. The whole surface is even and smooth.

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By Mark Mann

Illustrations by Lainie Mann
©2003 Visual Communications

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