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March 2003

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Land & Sea

Turquoise and coral show surprising staying power

Diamonds might be forever, but turquoise and coral are definitely for now. Not many style-watchers thought Spring 2002’s turquoise and coral breakout would carry over into 2003, but a year later the two gems are omnipresent.

“Clearly, these gems have arrived among the jewels of the bold and beautiful,” says Carolyn Pollack, designer at Relios, Albuquerque, NM. “Whether they’re a confident expression of elegant individual style or a quest for a dramatic display of passion and color, turquoise and coral deliver.”

Natural turquoise is often treated or “stabilized” to help prevent it from fading, making it more resistant to skin oils. “Such treatment doesn’t alter the composition of the stone,” says Bill Pollack, owner of Relios, which sells treated natural turquoise.

Some coral pieces are reconstituted – coral is ground and reformed into beads or other shapes. This restructuring makes it less porous and, like stabilized turquoise, more resistant to body oils.

Designers are using turquoise and coral in Southwestern styles and more formal designs. This gives fine jewelers a chance to sell higher-end pieces complemented by diamonds and other transparent gems. Other jewelers are having success offering affordable styles using chunky stones and larger looks.

– by Lorraine M. O’Donnell, A.J.P.

From the Southwest Spirit collection, matching necklace and bracelet feature sterling silver, turquoise and red coral.

Relios, Albuquerque, NM; (505) 345-5304.

Sterling silver locket and ring are set with veined turquoise. Suggested retail, $48 for the ring, $52.50 for the locket and chain.

Boma, Renton, WA; (800) 892-9210 or

14k gold earrings with reconstituted coral beads are $175 suggested retail.

Nancy B & Co., Culver City, CA; (800) 421-0464 or (310) 836-8842, fax (310) 836-2409.

Turquoise bracelet is crafted with sterling silver.

Beaucraft Inc., Providence, RI; (401) 461-2305, fax (401) 461-7799.

Turquoise earrings feature 14k gold caps and a French wire. Suggested retail, $170.

Boucher Jewelry, New York City; (212) 807-9849, fax (212) 633-1385.

Coral bangle and large cuff bracelets are 18k gold with a Sabi finish and diamond clasps.

Henry Dunay, New York City; (800) 888-2525, fax (212) 944-0308.

14k gold ring and matching earrings are set with coral ringed with diamond accents.

William Lam & Co. Inc., New York City; (212) 354-3896, fax (212) 768-1487,

Yellow gold jewelry suite is set with turquoise and diamonds.

Breuning, Lawrenceville, GA; (678) 377-1673, fax (678) 377-1674.

14k white gold rings are set with turquoise and diamond accents.

Kabana, Albuquerque, NM; (800) 521-5986, fax (505) 843-9624.

14k white gold spider brooch features a 12mm turquoise body, two 1mm ruby eyes and 0.07 carat of round diamond accents. Suggested retail, $566.

Behnam Jewelry Corp., New York City; (212) 302-7800, fax (212) 302-3565.

This necklace is sterling silver and 18k gold and features coral beads and a black moonstone.

Janis Kerman Design, Westmount, Quebec, Canada; (514) 931-3852.

14k gold jewelry suite features turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty mine. The ring is also set with 0.05 carat of diamonds.

Avirom & Associates Inc., Boulder, CO; (800) 456-5958, fax (303) 494-5745,

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