Professional Jeweler Archive: These Catalogs Bear Gifts

March 2003


These Catalogs Bear Gifts

Aurafin's new customer-acquisition program features a catalog with a $50 gift certificate

Aurafin OroAmerica recently introduced a customer-acquisition program designed to help retailers target local businesses with a unique gift certificate and catalog.

The focus is a 6-in.-by-4-in. hard-cover catalog customized to feature the retail jewelry store. Inside are 16 pages of karat gold and diamond merchandise plus a $50 gift certificate to redeem on any purchase. The retailer gives free catalogs to a local company, creating a favorable impression on employees who use the $50 certificates.

“Within two days after Thanksgiving, we had 30 new prospects arrive with their gift certificates in hand,” says Mark Harris, CEO of Harris Jeweler, Troy, OH, who participated in Aurafin OroAmerica’s pilot program. “Converting them to loyal customers is now our job.

“The $50 certificate is a low acquisition cost compared with most forms of advertising and sales promotion. And our part of the program is easy: soliciting the participation of businesses to distribute the catalogs to their employees at no cost. It builds good will as well as our customer base.”

James Porte, president of the Jewelry Marketing Institute, consulted with Aurafin OroAmerica and several other participating jewelry suppliers on the project and helped design the finished piece.

For more information on participating in Aurafin OroAmerica’s next gift certificate and catalog promotion or any other customized retail marketing programs, contact Steve Binder at (800) 327-1808, ext. 1206;

Jewelers can tailor the cover of Aurafin OroAmerica’s catalog to feature their own stores, as these three jewelers did.
Aurafin OroAmerica’s catalog, tailored for Harris Jeweler, Troy, OH, includes a $50 gift certificate. The program allows jewelers to partner with local businesses to distribute the catalogs to employees. Employer and jeweler benefit from increased goodwill and an expanding customer base.

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