Professional Jeweler Archive: Surface Interest

March 2003

Precious Metals/New Products

Surface Interest

Etched and worked jewelry creates timeless appeal

Like distressed, faded denim, jewelry with engraved and rough surfaces lends a new purchase the patina of age. An added benefit of such jewelry is scratches and small dings that develop because of wear blend with the surface. “These techniques are easier to work, look unique and fare better with wear,” says Carol Seiden, a partner in SeidenGang, Rye, NY.

To show off the interesting surface of your jewelry, keep the showcase lighting brilliant and use backgrounds in basic white.

– by Lorraine M. O’Donnell, A.J.P.

Black and gray titanium bands each hold 0.06 carat of diamonds. Suggested retail, $375 each.

Spectore, Deerfield Beach, FL; (954) 481-8422, fax (954) 421-2391.

Sterling silver earrings and pendant feature bright and textured finishes.

Sunstone Inc., Morton Grove, IL; (800) 323-5436 or (847) 965-1700, fax (847) 965-8482,

Textured platinum bands have unisex appeal.

Sholdt Design, Seattle, WA; (206) 623-2334, fax (206) 682-6204.

18k green gold earrings from the Laurel collection are $1,090 retail.

SeidenGang, Rye, NY; (800) 227-4890 or (914) 925-0788, fax (914) 925-0708,

Braided suite is 14k yellow gold.

The Touch, Waltham, MA; (800) 556-0041 or (781) 894-8133, fax (781) 894-7821,,

Platinum engraved wedding rings range in width from 4.5-6.0mm.

Camelot Bridal, Union, NJ; (800) 279-9943, fax (908) 687-8314.

Leaf-inspired gold earrings feature diamond accents.

Studio Eclipse, Corvallis, OR; (541) 753-6114.

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