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May 2003

Diamonds/New Products

Full Spectrum

Diamonds in all colors are drawing attention

Spurred, perhaps, by Jennifer Lopez’s 6.10-ct. pink diamond engagement ring by Harry Winston, colored diamonds are in demand. Feeding the frenzy, spring issues of fashion magazines present a plethora of colored diamond jewelry.

When customers ask, educate them about the origin of the hues. A trace element of nitrogen yields yellow, for example, and boron or hydrogen blue. Green diamonds are caused by radiation, pinks and reds are a mystery, and those are just natural colors. Treatments also are used to create colors in diamonds.

Also explain the importance of cut: a radiant cut holds color, a round cut can diffuse it. A larger culet enhances color in pear, oval and marquise shapes.

Mountings matter – yellow and brown diamonds stand out against white metals but recede against yellow. White metal enhances blue diamonds, but yellow metal detracts from them.

– by Lorraine M. O’Donnell, A.J.P.

14k gold bands are each set with 0.57 carat of round brilliant irradiated diamonds. Suggested retail, $1,430-$1,890.

Cinnamon Designs, Santa Rosa, CA; (707) 527-4120, fax (707) 527-5190.

Flower earrings are pavé-set with 0.42 carat of brilliant-cut white diamonds and 0.42 carat of brilliant-cut fancy yellow diamonds. Available in platinum or 18k white gold with 18k yellow gold. Suggested retail in platinum and 18k gold, $3,070. Slider flower pendant has 0.21 carat of white diamonds and 0.19 carat of yellow. Available in platinum or 18k white gold with 18k yellow gold ($1,500 in platinum and 18k gold).

Kirk Kara, Los Angeles, CA; (800) 874-0181 or (213) 489-2406, fax (213) 489-3530,,

Platinum engagement rings and wedding bands feature colored diamonds. Left ring sports a 1.01-ct. natural fancy intense greenish yellow diamond and is $28,000 suggested retail. Middle ring has a 0.71-ct. natural fancy intense yellow diamond with fitted band set with pavé and is $19,500. Right ring has a 1.25-ct. natural fancy vivid yellow diamond with fitted band set with pavé and is $48,000.

Jeannette Fossas, San Juan, Puerto Rico; (787) 722-4154, fax (787) 722-3858,

Platinum ring with a 1.23-ct. fancy intense purplish pink natural color center diamond and two E/SI1 pear-shaped side diamonds is $45,000 suggested retail.

Ernest Slotar Inc., Chicago, IL; (312) 236-7351, fax (312) 236-6456.

Natural fancy radiant diamonds are available loose or set in jewelry.

Grafstein Diamond Corp., New York City; (800) 472-3783 or (212) 750-7588.

18k gold bands with colored diamonds are $350-$3,000 suggested retail.

Etienne Perret, Camden, ME; (877) ETIENNE or (207) 236-9696, fax (207) 236-9698,

Kite shaped diamond drop earrings feature white and champagne diamonds.

J.B. International, New York City; (212) 997-3205, fax (212) 997-3209.

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