Professional Jeweler Archive: This Display Case Packs a Surprise

May 2003


This Display Case Packs a Surprise

Presentation Box & Display introduces ring displays that lock to prevent quick thefts

In the calculus of a smash-and-grab thief, there’s only a short period of time between when he enters a store or smashes a window and when he flees. Anything that distracts or slows down such an unsophisticated crook can be a real advantage.

That’s the reasoning behind Presentation Box & Display’s new Preslock™ security displays for rings. The Pawtucket, R.I., company is known more for products of display elegance, but it now has developed a security feature: an easy-to-use locking mechanism a typical smash-and-grab thief will find disorienting. It may be enough to cause him to flee, or at least create an added barrier.

As seen in the photo of the ring display, the sales associate who wants to show a ring to a customer simply slides back a locking tab built into each display column to free the ring. But when it’s in position, the locking tab prevents a quick lift by a thief. In addition, the ring column is secured to the base of the display, which is attached to the showcase itself.

Along with ring displays, the company offers new locking configurations for stud earrings and will soon have them for bracelet-style watches, says Vice President Larry B. Johnson.

John Kennedy, president of the Jewelers’ Security Alliance, and David Sexton, chief underwriting officer at Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co., say Preslock can serve its intended purpose to slow down a smash-and-grab thief. “Smash-and-grabs are usually brute, crude thefts; it’s less likely such criminals would case a store and see the locking mechanism in action,” says Sexton.

More conventional sneak thieves often case stores in advance, so they might be able to figure out how the device works by asking to see a ring and watching a sales associate free it, he says. That’s why it’s still important for sales associates always to lock cases and never turn their backs on customers.

Sexton says the presence of Preslock display cases may be considered a positive factor when an insurance company calculates a jeweler’s premium. “Like security doors and other security features, it indicates a jeweler who is aware of risk,” he says.

Johnson says jewelers’ reaction to Preslock has been positive. When he was demonstrating it at last winter’s trade shows, he says, some jewelers asked the company to add a sign indicating the jewelry is locked in place, acting as a deterrent to thieves. Johnson says a sign is being developed.

What about the risk of angering a smash-and-grab thief or a gun-toting robber? Kennedy says this shouldn’t be a big problem. “If a robber orders you to unlock the rings, it’s easy to do so,” he says. “And as with any orders given during a robbery, you should cooperate for safety reasons.”

Presentation Box & Display offers six stock ring displays with the Preslock feature. You may choose from displays holding from three to 20 rings. Prices start at $85. Wood-and- white-Leatherette versions are available for fast delivery. Displays holding a different quantity of rings or made in custom colors or fabrics are available also.

  • Presentation Box & Display, Pawtucket, RI; (800) 556-7390.
The inset photo shows how easy it is for a sales associate to free a ring from its Preslock locking tab.
White Leatherette and popular pale wood Preslock display is available.
A dark wood version of the Preslock display can be ordered.
This rounded black and brown Preslock display makes an elegant and safe home for engagement rings.

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