Professional Jeweler Archive: Letters

May 2003


Mr. Know-It-All

“I’ve discovered the wheel, and boy is it useful,” cheered one of our research staff members after reading “Polarium™!” in the October 2002 issue of Professional Jeweler (p. 50). More specifically, “I’ve discovered the magnet, and boy is it useful!” appropriately describes the development of Polarium.™ The “new platinum alloy with a polarized force field – similar to that found in magnets” is not a revolutionary development. It is a magnet. The magnetic properties of platinum-cobalt, platinum-nickel and platinum-iron alloys have been know for over 40 years.

Designer Steven Kretchmer’s levitating jewelry is novel and newsworthy, but the development of magnetic platinum alloys is yesterday’s news. The discovery of magnetism, or the “polarized force field,” is 4,000 years old.

Trevor M. Riedemann
Ames Laboratory, US DOE
Iowa State University
Ames, IA

Bravo Bronstein

The Diamond News department in your January 2003 issue featured Alan Bronstein, one of the people in our trade worthy of as much recognition as we can garner for him. Robert Weldon did a great job of capturing the selflessness that Alan is all about (p. 22).

Alan, like the diamonds he collects, is rare. I know him to care more about what he can give to people and our industry than what he can take from it.

Keep up the good work – Professional Jeweler and Alan.

Russell Korman
Russell Korman Fine Jewelry
Austin, TX

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