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May 2003

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Wax Tools Update

Knowing how to professionally obtain fine detail in wax patterns adds another aspect of quality to your shop

Euro Tool Inc. has five new wax tool kits and a cordless wax pen designed to improve wax-working projects. Here’s a review.

Each of the tapered tools in this kit has a ridged file surface that cuts on the push stroke. The longest is 20mm long and the shortest is 11 mm. (Kit FIL-740.00)
Shown is the removal of raised imperfections on the inside flat surface of this injected wax pattern. The smaller dimensions allow you to remove wax in tight areas effectively without damaging other parts of the wax model. Injection or carving wax is removed easily from the cutting surface of this tool because of its parallel, ridged tooling design.
These rigid, tapered wire spiral files appear serrated in profile. The spiral design cuts on the pull stroke. They are 18mm long and are mounted in wooden handles. Two tools, fine and very fine sizes, come in the kit. (Kit CVR-505.15)
It’s simple to detail between the gallery wires of this injected wax heart pendant with these tools. The tools can file, clean and saw (without threading) in very small areas. The fine pointed ends of the spiral serrated wire files are 0.60mm (very fine) and 1mm (fine).
This multipurpose kit contains six stainless steel precision carving and shaping tools. (Kit CVR-550.12)
Each tool is finely sharpened and fashioned so the weight is behind the cutting edge, less pressure is needed and there is ease of control. This one is good for creating or cleaning a thin recessed area.
These four-miniature rasp files are designed for carving waxes. Each tool has a 28mm long cutting surface. (Kit Fil-755.00)
The half-round shape quickly removes wax in the central part of an oval gypsy ring. The long handles give good leverage for the small file surfaces. The tool is good for removing wax and shaping in tight or awkward areas.
This kit contains four double-ended precision scraping tools. Each shape is sharpened and finely fashioned on one side and blunt on the top. (Kit CVR-500.00)
The sharpened side of the square tool is good for removing a parting line on a flat shank. The blunt side is good for burnishing the surface. The tool is 7.5mm square. (The teardrop shape works well for finishing domed areas.)
The Max Wax pen is a battery-operated unit that fits in your hand and is easy to manipulate. By depressing the tab (A), you achieve instant heat to the tip.
This wax ring with crisp angular edges has been hollowed and is ready to be capped. Capping the model allows for consistent, exacting wall thickness as well as smooth finishing inside the most complex pattern.
The wax pen has a 0.30mm diameter tip, is rigid, holds its shape and heats up instantly to temperatures suitable for working with carving wax.

This installment of Tool Tips educational content was sponsored by EURO TOOL Inc., Lenexa, KS. For information on the company, its tools and equipment or a list of distributors, call Tina Berry at (800) 552-3131.

– by Mark B. Mann

Photographs by Mark B. Mann

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