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May 2003

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New Warrior™ Power Tool System

This new kit aims for proficiency in split-lap abrasive prefinishing, finishing and polishing

The new Warrior™ power tool system is designed to help bench jewelers and manufacturers perform split-lap abrasive prefinishing, finishing and polishing. Product engineers from JoolTool®, a division of DEP Enterprise and Development Inc., developed and tested the patented system with various accessories through Rich Bohr, 3M’s account executive for the creative arts market and jewelry products research specialist. The unit is compact and contains a 1/20 hp motor with full torque at all speeds. The motor is comparable and exceeds other 1/8 hp motors on output torque ratio. Here’s what’s included in the kit and how the system works:

The system kit contains (A) the Warrior variable speed motor with full torque from 500 to 5000 rpm and a tapered spindle, (B) a mounted allen wrench, (C) 11 assorted 3M precut self-adhesive abrasive accessories with one patented Ninja™ disc backpad and (D) a hard felt split-lap cut to JoolTool’s Ninja “see-through” design specifications.
The system is compact and portable so you can roll it into and out of position when not in use. This means you no longer have to leave your bench for grinding, sprue removal, deburring, abrasive split-lap work, prefinishing and polishing.
The precut self-adhesive 3M abrasive discs that come with the kit are easily mounted on the patented Ninja-style backpads. All abrasives and polishing surfaces are installed on the tapered spindle face-down. Abrasive discs included in the kit are 3M (Purple 900DZ ™) ceramic in two grades, patented multireplication 3M Trizact™ in four grades and one 3M Diamond Polishing Cloth™ disc. All work is held below the wheel and viewed from above.
The patented Ninja “see-through” pattern was designed for enhanced viewing of work being completed. One comes with the unit; you will want to buy additional backpads to mount assorted 3M abrasive self-adhesive discs. In this photo, the Warrior is operating at medium speed; 3M’s low-loading patented Trizact™ abrasive disc (A-35 or about a 400 grade) is used to prefinish the sides of a 14k yellow gold ring casting. With the black wheel, Ninja-style cutting and overhead lighting, the ring is easy to view.
The 3M Purple 900DZ™ ceramic disc (120 grade) is used to remove the sprue from a 14k yellow gold cast ring. This takes just seconds to complete, saving valuable time over hand-filing.
The operator is flat-sanding the top of an 18k yellow gold ring.
This application shows a textured finish being applied to geometric 14k white gold earrings using the 3M Diamond Polishing Cloth disc. Using a small amount of water on the wheel facilitates the process. You can use water with the 3M Diamond Polishing Cloth and Trizact materials. The 3M Diamond Polishing Cloth is good for working with stones that require formation, alteration or repair.
The provided allen wrench designed for the unit is inserted in a cut-out in the tapered spindle for ease in mounting and unmounting the Ninja-style cut backpads and hard felt split-polishing laps. The allen wrench is used also to remove the tapered spindle and attach other Warrior accessories such as the flexible shaft (not included in the featured kit).
This application features the flat-sided shank of a three-stone ring being split-lap polished at the Warrior system workstation beside the bench.
This application features the flat-sided shank of a three-stone ring being split-lap polished at the Warrior system workstation beside the bench.
This ring casting is being prefinished using 3M’s Radial Bristle™ wheel.

Portable Workstation

To complete a portable workstation for the bench jeweler generalist, the Warrior:

  • Is mounted on a low utility stand (E) with casters, drawers and shelves for convenient and ready access to the assorted abrasive discs and Warrior
  • Is connected to the small portable Handler Super Sucker II dust collector (F).
  • Has a standard swing-arm lamp (G) attached for best viewing of the work being performed.

– by Mark B. Mann

Photographs by Mark B. Mann

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