Professional Jeweler Archive: Jewelers Mutual Aligns With Parcel Pro

November 2003

First Run

Jewelers Mutual Aligns With Parcel Pro

Safer, more convenient shipping is the goal

Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co. of Neenah, WI, and Parcel Pro Inc. of Torrance, CA, formed a strategic alliance JMI says will offers a safer, more convenient shipping option for its commercial insureds.

“Our customer surveys indicated jewelers wanted us to provide an alternative shipping solution. We were impressed by Parcel Pro’s convenience, competitive pricing and risk management to reduce losses,” says Ronald Harder, the insurer’s president and CEO.

“For years, we have encouraged jewelers to use the United States Postal Service because our loss experience indicates it is the safest. Unfortunately, it’s not always the most convenient or affordable method. And its Express Mail service isn’t always available in some parts of the country,” says Harder.

The Pros

Benefits for Parcel Pro customers, says the company, include convenient pick-up and drop-off, as well as lower overall cost compared with many of the insured shipping options.

Harder points to Parcel Pro’s aggressive risk management, which includes electronic tracking, and its commitment to customer service as the deciding factors in creating the alliance. “As an added benefit, Parcel Pro meets our insureds’ needs for international shipping and insurance,” he says.

First Time for an Alliance

Through its newsletters and presentations, Jewelers Mutual has recommended a variety of vendors to meet the needs of its customers. This marks the first time the insurer has established a formal alliance with a preferred service provider in the jewelry industry.

“Our alliance with Jewelers Mutual broadens the range of products and services we can offer, establishing Parcel Pro as the full-service resource for the jewelry industry,” says Joseph Lam, president of Parcel Pro.

He says his company entered the alliance to achieve two objectives:

  1. To enhance Parcel Pro’s position as the leading provider of insured shipping services of high-value items to the jewelry industry.
  2. To expand into other jewelry insurance products.

Under the alliance, Parcel Pro’s new sister company, Fortress Insurance Agency, will offer Jewelers Mutual’s products as well. “We have developed solid relationships with our Parcel Pro customers and wanted to deliver other insurance products to meet their needs,” says Amy Liu, Fortress Insurance Agency’s executive vice president. “We chose Jewelers Mutual Insurance as the best partner to accomplish that because of the company’s high name recognition in the jewelry industry and its reputation for personal service.”

Parcel Pro’s insured, high-value shipping services to the jewelry industry include:

  • Domestic insurance up to $75,000 (higher limits may be available upon request) per parcel 100% insured at invoice value.
  • International insurance up to $30,000 per parcel 100% insured at invoice value.
  • Coverage for loose stones.
  • Customers may arrange pick-up at their locations or drop off parcels.
  • Jewelers can declare their packages and track them online.

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