Professional Jeweler Archive: Making a Dangle Pendant Using Tack- and Pulse-Arc Welding

November 2003

Professional Bench/Welding Technologies

Making a Dangle Pendant Using Tack- and Pulse-Arc Welding

Knowing how to tack-, fusion- and pulse-arc-weld at the bench saves time, increases quality and drives profits up for your shop and service department

The assembly of this moissanite pendant appears simple. But it can be tricky and time-consuming using traditional methods to position and join the tiny parts.

Each of the bezel units will be connected by jump rings and will dangle when finished.

Tack- and pulse-arc welding the piece during the project makes soldering and assembly easier and more proficient.

1. The findings are 14k round bezels, jump rings, premade pendant bail and three round brilliant moissanite jewels.
2. I will use jump rings to join the bezels. First, I cut the jump ring using Xuron flush cutters and remove a third of it.
3. I true the ends by sanding and slightly rounding each one.
4. Next I scribe a line midway around each bezel. At the top and bottom of the first bezel unit, I tack-weld the partial jump rings over the scribed line.
5. For the tack welding, I use tweezers and pliers leads with the ABI Tack II welder set on the high energy setting at 35 volts. When the jump rings aren’t perfectly aligned, I use finger pressure to remove and retack them in the proper location.
6. With the partial jump rings tacked in place, I torch-solder each joint with 14k easy flowing solder.
7. I’ve joined the bezels with jump rings, installed the bail and pulse-arc welded each jump ring using ABI’s pulse-arc welder on the medium energy setting at 35 volts using the #2 tip.
8. I finished the pendant with a magnetic finisher for 20 minutes, polished and set the moissanite.

Important: Tack-, fusion- and pulse-arc equipment settings will differ and are based upon the volume, amount of contact and alloy of the material you are assembling. Working with like materials will give you a parameter for the settings required for your application. Keep a record of settings and tasks for future reference.

– by Mark B. Mann

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Photographs by Mark B. Mann
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