Professional Jeweler Archive: Whaddaya Know About Ads?

October 2003


Whaddaya Know About Ads?

Find out how much you really know about placing your ads

If you want to reach more customers, you’ve got to invest in good media placement. But deciding when and where to run your ads is not easy. You can’t base it solely on price. Late-night radio can be inexpensive; then again, who’s listening? This quiz will test your Placement IQ.

Q: What two months of the year have the highest TV viewership and the lowest rates?

A: January and February. Price is a function of ratings and demand. Retailers do little advertising during the first quarter of the new year because most of them spent the bulk of their dollars pushing their products during the holidays. That’s too bad, because January and February are the two months when, because of winter weather and tired from holiday activities, many people are home watching TV. It’s a great time to be on the air. Your message will be seen by the largest number of viewers for the least amount of money.

Q: Who are the least and most expensive demographics to reach, based on age and sex?

A: Senior-aged females are the least-expensive to reach. They watch the most television. Males, age 18-34 are the most expensive. They are the most active and don’t listen to radio or watch TV as much as others. This young male is a prime target for engagement and wedding ring purchases. Reaching him is important, but a bit of a challenge.

We recommend narrowly focused TV, such as sports programs, news and weather. Look into outdoor advertising too. Because these males are outside participating in their favorite activities, it could be a smart buy.

Q: How much copy should you include on outdoor advertising?

A: Seven words is the recommended maximum. Remember, most people are driving past your advertisement at up to 65mph. They have seconds to read and absorb your message. Bottom line: What you say in an outdoor ad is just as important as what you pay for an outdoor ad.

Q: Which has the highest viewership: CNN or your local news broadcast?

A: Your local news. Only during national crises do more viewers turn to CNN.

Q: What is the most popular music format on the radio during afternoon drive time?

A: Oldies. Most people are aggravated from a hard day at work. They would like music that brings back memories of better times.

Q: Will color increase response in a Yellow Pages ad?

A: No, according to research by Consumer Review Systems.

Q: What percentage of annual sales does the average jeweler spend on advertising?

A: According to Schonfeld & Associates, 4.6% of net sales. The industry standard for all of your marketing is 5%-8%.

Q: What color appears to register on the brain faster than any other?

A: Yellow. It connotes health, cheerfulness and spirituality. It’s thought that men in particular are more likely to read something if it includes the color yellow. For the record, red seems to make people hungry.

– by Michael Fruchtman

Michael Fruchtman is coowner and media director for Fruchtman Marketing, a full-service agency headquartered in Toledo, OH, representing independent jewelers throughout the U.S. You can reach the agency by contacting Ellen Fruchtman at (419) 539-2770, or visit

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