Professional Jeweler Archive: Spread Sunshine, Make Profits

October 2003


Spread Sunshine, Make Profits

Rio Grande's Sunshine® Cloth increases traffic and builds brand

When a customer makes a trip to your store to pick up a polishing cloth, stays to look at new merchandise and even buys something, you’re on to a winner. That’s what jewelers are telling Rio Grande about the company’s Sunshine® Cloths. Jewelers say the cloths bring in customers, reinforce a store’s name and give them a cool image because of the unique tubular packaging.

The felt-like cloths combine non-scratch microabrasives with safe chemical cleansing agents to remove dirt, tarnish, oil and fingerprints from fine jewelry, flatware, hollowware and other items.

Sunshine Cloths come in an acrylic countertop display that includes 50 tubes. Placed near the register, the display encourages add-on sales while taking little counter space (5 by 8 by 11 inches). The cloths are also available in envelopes that can be stamped with a store’s name, logo or contact information. For use behind the counter, at the bench or in the stockroom, Sunshine Cloths without consumer sales packaging can be purchased singly and in bulk packages of 10 or 100 cloths.

  • Rio Grande, Albuquerque, NM; (800) 545-6566 (in U.S.), (800) 253-9738 (in Canada) or (505) 839-3011,
The Sunshine® Cloth display encourages impulse buys.

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