Professional Jeweler Archive: Learn to 'Speak' Gold

September 2003

For Your Staff/Selling Gold

Learn to 'Speak' Gold

Use the words women think of when they're buying gold jewelry

Women associate four core values with gold – purity, positive feelings, security and love – according to research by the World Gold Council. Accordingly, these words will be a part of WGC’s fall ad campaign encouraging women to buy gold. Along with the core values, women also listed words that elaborate specifically on the positive feelings gold invokes, such as warmth, elegance, fashion and connection to loved ones.

To encourage women to buy, it’s easy to learn how to link these words with some of today’s redefined basic gold jewelry. Here are the words and an example of jewelry that illustrates them. Look for examples like these in your store’s inventory and use the words below when selling gold jewelry to women.


Soft river pebbles are by H. Weiss Co., New York City; (800) 554-9989, hweiss@


Groovy Sixties styles influenced these earrings by Cetas, New York City; (212) 840-3125,


Opulent chains are by First Class Imports, New York City; (800) 331-1506,


Remembering loved ones is easy with popular charm bracelets, such as these by Rembrandt Charms, Buffalo, NY; (800) 828-7840,

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