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September 2003

Professional Bench/Tool Tips

Get a Grip

EURO TOOL's innovative holding device solutions increase productivity, safety and quality while working at the bench

EURO TOOL, Inc. offers a wide variety of innovative and standard holding devices to make working at the bench easier, safer and more productive. Here’s an overview.

These tweezers are good for half-shank, quarter-shank and other jobs where good holding and heat-sinking are required (TWZ-602.00).
In this application, the bottom U-shaped and top straight tangs of the tweezers firmly hold the three-stone ring. The arm tang that swings in and out of the way when not used for other applications holds the new half-shank.
The metal U-shaped holder is for use with EURO TOOL’s large head and grooved wooden clamps. This holder provides ample support and allows the clamps to move freely within the U-shaped forks. Hardware is provided for various bench mounting styles (RCL-660.10).
The bulbous top of this hardwood clamp provides unlimited smoothly accomplished positioning options and makes it ideal for setting and engraving projects. Because of the metal holder’s ample support, no upward force is required, reducing fatigue and increasing safety and flexibility (RCL-665.00).
This clamp fits within the forks of the metal holder or the “V” groove of a standard wooden bench pin. It has thick leather jaws and is made of mahogany for long lasting use. An endless variety of tasks can be accomplished using this clamp (RCL-653.00).
EURO TOOL’s SMARTVice™ provides increased holding power for piercing. It’s made of heavy spring steel and has leather-lined holding jaws. It comes with hardware for several bench mounting options (VIS-100.00).
Piercing when using the SMARTVice™ gives the bench jeweler generously strong holding power. The jaws are easily opened and closed by the swing arm that mounts on either the left (as shown) or right sides. The vice is positioned higher than standard bench pins at the bench allowing better viewing by the bench jeweler when sawing .
The Hot Pot supplied by EURO TOOL is for use with Jett Sett™ thermoplastic (upper left). For a description of how Jett Sett™ is used, see Professional Jeweler, August 2003, Page 86. After heating, the small thermoplastic pellets are removed from the hot water with a utensil and formed. In this example, a handle is being formed for a 3/0 graver (CLN-582.00).
Jett Sett is formed into a handle shape. The graver is inserted into the thermoplastic, which is form-fitted into the user’s hand. Jett Sett is not breakable, reduces fatigue and increases safety.

It replaces shellac because it’s much easier to form and to remove work pieces from. Heating and cooling is accomplished by hot water, not a torch. It’s ideal for tool and file handles, holding fixtures and milling beds. When cooled, the thermoplastic is not breakable and requires no machining. The outside shape can be modified by using coarse files or wax burs.

This cross-locking tweezers stands up on any flat surface. The tool is made of stainless steel and hold swork about 1 inch off of the surface below (TWZ-941.00).
A moissanite earring is rounded on top but held securely for soldering by the flat tweezers. The Omega earring clip is protected from heat by the broad end tangs of the tweezers. (BPN-110.00)
This simple ring cutting jig mounts easily on any bench. Using two screws will fix it in location; one screw secures it and allows the user to “swing” it out of the way whennot in use (BPN-110.00).
The angled cut of the hardwood jig with its open slit allows the bench jeweler to support a ring for optimum viewing and sawing before sizing.

This installment of Tool Tips is sponsored by EURO TOOL Inc., Lenexa, KS. For information on EURO TOOL tools and equipment or for a list of distributors, call Tina Berry at (800) 552-3131.

– by Mark B. Mann

Photographs by Mark B. Mann
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