Professional Jeweler Archive: It's All About Emotion

April 2004

For Your Staff/Selling Gold

It's All About Emotion

The World Gold Council says sales associates need to finesse their gold-selling skills to reach sophisticated buyers

Here are some of the latest selling tips from the World Gold Council and jewelers who sell gold successfully:

1. Personalize It. Engage your customer in conversation. Ask lifestyle questions and determine the wearer’s favorite jewelry styles or what kind of clothing she prefers. Build rapport, make eye contact and never step away from your customer during the selling process. Let her know how much you value her business. Ask customers for contact information so you can inform them when new merchandise arrives. Send thank-you notes to customers who buy.

2. Sell Emotion. Remind women they are worth the cost of jewelry. Talk about the emotional benefits of gold, such as how it makes them feel sophisticated, elegant, fashionable, secure, loved, warm, glowing or connected to others. These are among the emotions women say gold jewelry elicits.

3. Add Value. Persuade your customer your store’s gold jewelry is worth its cost. Gold jewelry enhances the appearance of outfits, complementing everything from sexy jeans to a business suit or a little black dress. If you sell higher-karat gold, explain its greater cachet. Tell her about the increasing number of celebrities wearing gold jewelry and fashion designers using karat gold accessories on the runway. Offer other added-value options such as financing, free cleaning for life and extended warranties.

4. Stress Wardrobing. Gold is the foundation of a fine jewelry wardrobe. Encourage women to start with earrings, bracelets and neckwear, then explain how they can add on. Talk about basics such as hoops and chains, but also mention fashion-forward styles such as chandelier earrings, lariats and cuffs. Show multiuse gold pieces. Let customers know gold jewelry is available in an array of styles to express every woman’s individuality.

5. Make Prices Visible. Don’t be afraid to show the retail price of jewelry on hang tags. Most people have no idea the range of prices available. Consumers know what they are prepared to spend, so make their browsing easier. This will improve your chance of a sale. If your store doesn’t affix tags, mention prices regularly as you show pieces.

6. Avoid Regular 50%-Off Sales. If you hold frequent sales, customers will wait for the sale rather than buy now. Instead, increase regular traffic flow by stressing style, fashion and emotion in gold jewelry promotion. For mark-downs, have one section in one case at 40%-50% off and rotate products to keep it fresh.

– by Lorraine M. O’Donnell, A.J.P.

Tell your customers how special gold jewelry will make them feel – the World Gold Council’s research says the emotional attachment to gold helps sell it.

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