Professional Jeweler Archive: Italian Expression

April 2004


Italian Expression

A new collection showcases the historic base and modern design innovation of gold jewelry made in Italy

With help from the World Gold Council and the Vicenza Fair, Italian goldsmiths are reaffirming their dominance in gold jewelry through a new collection called Gold Expressions: The Language of Italian Design. The collection launched to retailers at the January Vicenza show.

WGC and the Vicenza Fair developed and sponsor the Gold Expressions initiative. The collection of more than 400 pieces from 54 manufacturers is divided into four categories. The categories are based on WGC research that identifies the core consumers in key markets and their motivations for buying and wearing gold. The emotional categories are:

  • Gold for Love: Messages from the Heart.
  • Gold to Glow: A Language of Inner Confidence.
  • Gold to Express Yourself: Individuality with Flair.
  • Gold to Create an Impression: A Celebration of Success.

Made in Italy

Gold Expressions comes at a time when Italian gold exports are under increasing pressure from unfavorable exchange rates, increased competition from lower-cost producers and rising gold prices.

It’s important to remember the global cachet of “Made in Italy” has not diminished and still holds appeal for consumers, says John Calnon, international jewelry director for WGC. “A robust Italian gold jewelry business is critical to the growth of global gold consumption,” he says. “Gold Expressions is a significant event not only for Italy, but for the gold industry as a whole.”

Contact WGC for a catalog of available designs and manufacturer information.

  • World Gold Council, New York City; (212) 317-3800,
Gold for Love

This category represents gold jewelry’s symbolism of love, affection or friendship. The heart icon appears frequently in this collection, as in the use of grouped hearts in this jewelry from La Pepita, Arezzo, Italy; (39-0575) 38-2431;,

Gold to Glow

Gold can imbue a woman with inner confidence and radiance. The jewelry in this category is often inspired by nature. Many pieces use traditional Etruscan gold leaf. Necklace and brooch by Annamaria Cammilli, Florence, Italy; (39-055) 69-6276,,

Gold to Express Yourself

Gold jewelry can reflect the wearer’s individuality. Pieces in this category use structural shapes, 18th century Venetian lace patterns and pop-art graphics, such as this suite inspired by emoticons used in e-mail and text messaging. Uno A Erre Italia, Arezzo, Italy; (39-0575) 9251,,

Gold to Create an Impression

As a celebration of success or an indulgent treat, the jewelry in this category is made to stand out. This category features voluptuous finishes, potent symbols and intricate etching or webbed effects. Suite by Laurentia Gioelli, Vicenza, Italy; (39-0445) 962-133,, www.lauren

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