Professional Jeweler Archive: NCDIA Expands

August 2004


NCDIA Expands

New members and more promotion tout natural and natural-color diamonds

Seven new members joined the Natural Color Diamond Association. The organization also detailed recent developments in its marketing campaign to promote natural and natural-color diamonds.

New members are Bailey Banks & Biddle, part of the U.S. chain Zale Corp.; Mouawad, Saudi Arabia; Forestone, France; Whint & Kidd, United Kingdom; Suna Bros., U.S.; Dalumi, Israel; and Uchihara Group, Japan. Mining conglomerate BHP Billiton also joined. This brings membership to 15, representing miners, manufacturers, designers and retailers, says Dilip Mehta of Rosy Blue, vice president of NCDIA.

At a press conference in Las Vegas, NCDIA President Richard Werdiger of Michael Werdiger Inc., New York City, emphasized the inclusiveness and global nature of NCDIA and stressed its mission and purpose to educate consumers.

Alan Bronstein of Aurora Gems, New York City, an expert on colored diamonds, was introduced as a new NCDIA adviser. Bronstein listed three main points about selling natural and natural-color diamonds:

  • The necessity of educating consumers.
  • The importance of certification and proper documentation.
  • The role of NCDIA as an inclusive and global organization that coordinates this message to consumers.

Sam Merksamer, another NCDIA adviser, introduced a 20-page consumer brochure on colored diamonds. Several customized versions were showcased as well. The customized versions can be reproduced for member companies. Merksamer highlighted the wide range of NCDIA promotional campaigns, from the strong press showing of colored diamonds at this year’s Academy Awards ceremonies, to a July fashion show and press event at the home of founder Dilip Mehta in Antwerp, Belgium, for editors representing 30 of the world’s leading lifestyle magazines.

Other members of NCDIA are Hans Krieger, Germany; Kashikey, Japan; Kuwayama, Japan; Louis Glick, U.S.; and Rio Tinto, Australia.

• NCDIA, New York City; (212) 869-5160, ext. 254,

NCDIA’s 20-page consumer brochure extols the rarity and beauty of natural-color diamonds. Included in the brochure are features on yellow, brown, red and blue diamonds.

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