Professional Jeweler Archive: Glowing Jubilee

August 2004


Glowing Jubilee

Cary Horowitz of Horowitz & Atlass doesn’t hold back when he describes the Jubilee, a new cut he and his partners at the Atlass Group designed and introduced this year. “It’s a screamer!” he says.

The partners’ goal was a squarish diamond with a high degree of brilliance and a hearts-and-arrows pattern when examined with a viewing scope. The Jubilee excels in these aspects and still delivers a look that seems larger than diamonds of comparable weight. It scores very high to very high/high in the GemEx Light Performance Analysis, particularly in comparison with princess cuts and Ideal-cut hearts-and-arrows round diamonds. Horowitz adds that the new diamond is competitively priced with other squarish cuts.

The Jubilee has 58 facets (same as a round cut) vs. the 66-facet Regent Cut with which it’s sometimes compared.

• Horowitz & Atlass LLC, New York City; (212) 768-4566, www.

– Robert Weldon

Photo by Robert Weldon.

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