Professional Jeweler Archive: Emotional Rescue

August 2004

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Emotional Rescue

Sentimental diamond jewelry connects with loved ones

Since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, many people have a new perspective on their lives and loved ones. “Sentimental jewelry is a direct offshoot of what people have been feeling since then,” says Lenny Krol, president of KC Designs, New York City. “Consumers have been looking for a connection with loved ones, and this is where jewelry comes in.” Diamond-studded lockets, heart pendants, charms recalling a favorite vacation and religious symbols are ideal gifts for holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day and for weddings, engagements and graduations. “Diamonds are sentimental themselves, so they’re perfect for this jewelry,” says Krol.

– by Lorraine M. O’Donnell, A.J.P.

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Kathy Bernu, designer and owner of Kathy Bernu Design, St. Paul, MN, offers these suggestions on selling sentimental jewelry effectively:

Tell Tales. Tell the story of sentimental jewelry. Know why it was created and understand each symbol and what it conveys. Know whether the jewelry is meant to comfort those who mourn or to celebrate a lifelong love.

Cut & Color. Colored diamonds and fancy cuts can be used in conjunction with sentimental jewelry designs. Pink diamonds, heart, tear-shaped and pears are used to represent love and emotion. Round brilliant, single and rose-cut diamonds are rooted in history and have their place in this category too.

Know Their Style. Know the history of heirloom styles (see “Selling Antique-Inspired Jewelry,” Professional Jeweler, May 2004, p. 107). Antique design elements tend to give the wearer a softer look.

Strike a Pose. Display sentimental jewelry with an antique frame. Placing old black-and-white or tinted photos in your case can tie even modern pieces into the idea that this jewelry will become treasured family heirlooms.


18k white gold baby shoe pendants feature choice of diamonds, rubies, sapphires or enamel. Pendants retail from $1,750.

Aaron Basha, New York City; (212) 935-9162, fax (212) 935-9309.

Butterfly pin is 14k white and yellow gold with diamond accents.

Candela Jewelry, Weston, FL; (800) 227-7710 or (954) 746-0122, fax (954) 749-8852.

2.31-ct. heart-shaped fancy yellow diamond sits in a handmade platinum pendant.

J.B. International, New York City; (800) 213-2077 or (212) 997-3205, fax (212) 997-3209.

Orthodox diamond cross is 18k white gold with 1.51 carats of pavé diamonds. Suggested retail, $5,750.

Soraya Cayen Collection, Carmel, CA; (831) 626-3322.

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14k bracelet contains
five detachable charms from among 120 available. The airplane, shoe, martini glass, pocketbook and bonnet charms are each $136 keystone.

Behnam Jewelry Corp., New York City; (800) 848-3620, fax (212) 302-5863,

You customer can commemorate a happy vacation at the sea or a zoo with 18k bangles. From left, two bear cubs with 0.08 carat of diamonds, $3,800 suggested retail; octopus with 0.06 carat of diamonds and a 17.5mm Tahitian cultured pearl, $5,000; and a monkey with 0.06 carat of diamonds, $3,500.
Onofrio D. Oro, Brooklyn, NY; (718) 680-5723 fax (718) 680-5762.
18k white gold cross pendant features champagne diamonds. Available in small, medium or large.

Tamara Comolli/KWM Exclusives, Miami, FL; (305) 534-0000.

Heart locket is set with 0.44 carat of diamonds. Clover locket has 0.42 carat. Lockets are each $1,320 suggested retail.

KC Designs, New York City; (212) 921-9270, fax (212) 768-9073.

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