Professional Jeweler Archive: You Must Remember This

August 2004

Gemstones/New Products

You Must Remember This

Sentimental jewelry starts with a single precious memory

A renewed emphasis on sentimental objects touches all facets of life. “Longevity is something we always have to take into consideration when designing,” says Donna Chambers, designer and owner of Donna Chambers Designs, White Plains, NY. “People use acid-free paper with photographs because it lasts forever. And tracing family trees is becoming important as people search for their roots. So when creating a sentimental piece, it has to be a design that will stand the test of time – a piece that will be passed on for generations.” Sentimental favorites in gemstones include rhodolite garnet, ruby and pink tourmaline because red and pink are associated with love. Also stock rose-cut flat-back cabochons in blue topaz, peridot and amethyst, which reflect old-world style with favorite gemstones and colors. Cameos and intaglios have a heavy vintage feel while showing off the mastery of gem cutting.

– by Lorraine M. O’Donnell, A.J.P.

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Janel Russell, designer and owner of Janel Russell, St. Paul, MN, offers selling advice for sentimental jewelry:

Know Thy Neighbor. This type of jewelry is deeply rooted in emotion and reflects love, family and all a person holds dear. So get to know your customers and their family histories. This will make it easier when having to address special gift buying.

Get Personal. Personalize jewelry with colored gemstones. Birthstones in baby jewelry, mother-and-child jewelry or special birthday gifts are a key element to sentimental jewelry and also help bridge the gap between retailer and customer.

Share Information. Display this jewelry by incorporating designer or design information. This is a subtle way to inform a customer about the piece.

Faceted carnelian cameo.

Sandra Goodkind, Woodbridge, CT; (203) 397-0673.

14k gold earrings feature opal cameos on black onyx. Suggested retail, $306.

Idaho Opal & Gem Corp., Pocatello, ID; (800) 635-9800, fax (208) 233-0120.

Rampant Lion coat of arms rings are 14k and 18k yellow, white and red gold. Suggested retail, $1,950-$3,065.

Cour de Lion-Heart of the Lion, Sausalito, CA; (800) 345-4367 or (415) 331-0107, fax (415) 331-3207.

Sticks and Stones collection of rings and pendants can be made with any birthstone. Each piece is 14k gold. Suggested retail, $799-$1,599 as shown.

The Touch, Waltham, MA; (800) 556-0041 or (781) 894-8133, fax (781) 894-7821.

Sterling silver pendant features a cameo and hangs from freshwater pearls.

Extasia, Nevada City, CA; (800) 988-6556.

8-in. Venetian intaglio bracelet in 18k gold from Italy is $1,170 suggested retail.

The Cargo Hold, Charleston, SC; (843) 723-3341, fax (843) 722-1377.

 Photo by Don Taylor.

14k gold bracelet features a porcelain cameo and freshwater pearls. Suggested retail, $650.

Donna Chambers Designs, White Plains, NY; (914) 287-0303, fax (914) 328-7215.

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