Professional Jeweler Archive: Platinum in Store

August 2004


Platinum in Store

PGI's new sales and technical support catalog gives you tools to sell

Platinum Guild International-USA unveils a new sales and technical support catalog featuring branded promotion and merchandising tools, consumer guides and technical information designed to help increase retail sales.

The wide range of material aims to help you create an in-store experience that will spark consumer recognition, communicate brand image and articulate platinum’s pure, rare and eternal qualities while providing you and your bench jewelers with the latest tips and techniques for working with platinum, says PGI-USA.

“Independent research shows 76% of women shopping for an engagement ring are committed to platinum above any other precious metal,” says Huw Daniel, president of PGI-USA. “We know consumers are coming in to retailers but often cannot find platinum among the merchandise. Therefore, we encourage retailers to use these marketing and promotional items and leverage the power of platinum’s pure, rare, eternal values to make a sale.” There’s plenty of help available:

In-Case Signs: Plexiglas signs with the platinum logo add impact and recognition to displays.

Platinum Jewelry Tags: Clearly identify platinum products.

Platinum Consumer/Display Bags: For customers to carry platinum purchases or for in-store merchandising.

Platinum Logo Window Transflex: Grabs attention, sparks recognition and brings customers into the store.

Platinum – A Buyer’s Guide: A general consumer resource.

Why Platinum? An Engagement Guide for Men: The 20-page pocket guide explains the “why and wow” of platinum bridal jewelry.

“Brochurette”: This 2-by-2-in. pamphlet explains platinum’s qualities and offers storage and cleaning tips.

Also available are a variety of support material for bench jewelers learning to create and repair platinum jewelry. To order the sales and technical support catalog, call (888) 648-9515.

Platinum Sales Training Tour

Get staff training this summer and fall

PGI will conduct one-day sales and technical training seminars in nine cities this summer and fall. Included are sessions for sales associates, managers and bench jewelers. Each session costs $30 for sales and bench workers ($25 each if you bring more than five) and $150 for store managers. Food, raffles and goodie bags are included. Call (800) 207-PLAT for more information and to sign up.

If you can’t make it or don’t live near one of these cities, PGI will send someone to your store for facilitated training. It’s also developing a DVD so you can conduct training sessions yourself.

Sessions are scheduled in:

New York City area: July 28
Los Angeles: Aug. 11
Seattle: Aug. 17
San Francisco: Aug. 18
Dallas: Sept. 8
Houston: Sept. 9
Boston: Sept. 21
Washington, DC, area: Sept. 22
Miami: Oct. 7

This brochure is one of many resources PGI has developed to help you sell more platinum.

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