Professional Jeweler Archive: Platinum Merchandising Tips

August 2004


Platinum Merchandising Tips

Try these in-store strategies to boost your sales

There’s an art to displaying platinum, according to the Platinum Guild International. Follow these three tips to accentuate the jewelry’s beauty.

Keep it Separate. Platinum should be displayed on its own, with in-case signs and special tags.

Light it Right. Display platinum under halogen lights because they’re more flattering than incandescent lights, which cast a yellower glow.

Provide the Best Backdrop. Use cooler shades when showing platinum jewelry. The best backgrounds for platinum are white, black, navy blue, cobalt blue, lavender and shades of gray.

Purple and blue backgrounds work well as backdrops for platinum. These rings are by Novell, Roselle, NJ; (888) NOVELL-1.

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