Professional Jeweler Archive: Platinum's Fall Consumer Ads

August 2004


Platinum's Fall Consumer Ads

Look for a continuation of 2003 themes, with new photography

Though still in development at press time, the Fall 2004 consumer ad campaign for platinum will continue to reinforce Platinum Guild International’s messages introduced last year, featuring the words pure, rare and eternal and the imagery of water.

The new photos under consideration for this fall focus again on the relationship between a man and woman, highlighting the fun and spontaneity often felt by couples who are just engaged or married, says Michelle Peranteau, PGI marketing communications manager.

All the photos were taken on a beach and feature the man kissing the woman’s hand, the couple running on the sand, the couple holding hands and the couple dancing in the water. The female model will be the same as last year while the male model is new.

The new images will appear this fall in Allure, Cosmopolitan, Elle, In Style, Marie Claire, Vogue, Bride’s and Modern Bride.

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