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August 2004

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ABI's Opti-Saver

New technology for eye protection when tack-, fusion- and pulse-arc-welding enhances safety at the bench

To protect your eyes, ABI introduces solar-powered auto-darkening filter technology for use with its line of tack-, fusion- and pulse-arc-welding equipment.

The ABI Opti-Saver features a solar-powered auto-darkening filter. The filter is rated at 3 (on a scale of two to 12) in its “clear” stage, allowing easy viewing for jewelry making.

When sensors detect a flash from the welding process, it automatically switches to a darkened mode of 10/11 at a speed of 0.8 milliseconds. ABI offers three Opti-Saver product options for jewelers, as described below.

OPTION 1: The ABI Opti-Saver lens-only option can be hand-held or used with a variety of holding devices to suit your welding requirements.
OPTION 2: For ease in using the Opti-Saver, ABI has made available the auto-darkening filter mounted on a jeweler’s headpiece, allowing hands-free operation and convenience.
OPTION 3: For better close-up viewing of intricate parts, this option comes with 4 levels of easy-clip magnification options. The headpiece includes two clips: one for the auto-darkening filter lens (A) and the other for the magnification lens (B). The head lamp provides additional lighting.
The headpiece is hinged so the unit can be raised or lowered. In this photo, the auto-darkening filter is raised (C).
I hold a bracelet for pulse-arc-welding using Option 3. To complete a welding circuit, a clip lead is attached to the bracelet and the negative terminal, and the welding pencil is attached to the positive terminal.

The ABI Pulse-Arc-Welder has three energy levels (low, medium and high) and a dial adjustment with meter to control the voltage. The welding pencil comes with five electrode tip sizes. The welder is ideal for jewelers because of the ability to control its energy level and to dial the voltage, plus the selection of welding pencil tips available.

By Mark B. Mann

This installment on welding technologies is sponsored by ABI, Cranston, RI. For general information on ABI equipment and procedures or for a list of distributors, call Janet Kirk at (888) 494-2663.

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